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Ditch The Old Lead-Acid Battery — Long Lasting Adventure With Enduro Power Lithium Batteries

Enduro Power Batteries is a Harvest Growth client with a very successful digital campaign. Read on to learn all about the product and the excellent results of their campaign.

Enduro Power Batteries

Enduro Power lithium batteries are used in RVs, Boats, Off-Grid and Solar applications. ALL of your adventures should be boundless. You can eliminate battery anxiety and fuel all of your adventures when using the top-quality lithium batteries from Enduro Power. Lithium batteries perform better and last longer than lead-acid batteries. Power through adventures with HALF the weight and TWICE the runtime using Enduro Power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

Enduro Power batteries make batteries built to perform in the most rugged, remote environments. The team at Enduro is passionate about bringing high-quality, American engineered, top-performing batteries at a value price with U.S.-based support and services. So, if you're an adventurous spirit and are looking to fuel up your RV, camper, or off-grid living situation, Enduro Power lithium batteries are calling your name.

lithium battery

✅ American Engineered

✅ Long-lasting performance

✅ Lithium battery

✅ Requires no upkeep

✅ 100% satisfaction guaranteed

✅ 10-Year Warranty

✅ 25% smaller case size

✅ Made from safe, non-toxic, renewable energy

✅ Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

✅ 2X longer run time, 5X longer lifespan

✅ Fast-charging and discharging capabilities

✅ Eliminates battery anxiety

Check out their wide range of batteries, available in 12v and 24v configurations at Or, order your own on Amazon at this link: Enduro Power Lithium Battery.

*As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn for qualifying purchases.

Launching The Paid Social Media Campaign

Within the first week of the Enduro Power paid social media campaign launched and managed by our team at Harvest Growth, we saw an ROI of over 4.0! Week after week, it continued to grow. Check out one of the videos below that we created for the social media campaign.

Building Brand Awareness Through Organic Social Media Presence

Creating high-quality, consistent content on organic social media is key for a brand to increase its credibility. Not only is it important to regularly post, but it's also important to dial in on branding. You want to create content that your target audience will love. With that, it's important to provide a wide range of posts — from extensive details about the product to user-generated content. You can check out Enduro Power Batteries on Instagram and Facebook. Looking for help in managing your organic social media content? Reach out to us today to get started.

High Price Point Product Launching On eCommerce? No Problem.

When a brand new product with a high price point goes into the market, sometimes people need to see, touch, and experience the product before purchasing. So, when you launch a high price point product into eCommerce, it can be difficult to break through into the market to drive sales while increasing brand awareness and credibility. Read the case study below to learn about Enduro Power Batteries' amazing successes from the very beginning.

lithium batteries, product launch, commercial, paid social media, lithium battery

Looking to launch a brand new product or grow an existing product to even more success? Set up a free strategy call with Jon LaClare, our Founder/CEO, today.



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