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New Product Launch: Quick Car Dry — The Oddly Satisfying Way To Dry Your Car In SECONDS!

Quick Car Dry is a BRAND NEW product that we helped launch just a few days ago. From packaging design and website consultation to a full video shoot, we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of automotive history in the making! Read on to learn all about this incredible car cleaning product that revolutionizes the way you dry your car.

You LOVE your car. You do everything you can to keep the paint job sparkly, shiny, and spot-free. Maybe you take your car to the car wash once a week. Or, maybe you have your very own car wash in your own driveway. Either way, you'd do anything to keep your car as sparkly-shiny as possible, right?

The Oddly Satisfying Way To Dry Your Car In Seconds

Well, the team at Quick Car Dry agrees with that — which is why they created a way to completely dry your car in 60 seconds or less! As much as you love the process of washing your car, don't you wish the drying process was quicker and more efficient? You use up endless microfiber towels to get that spot-free shine, and yet, there are still water spots leftover. Not to mention, how are you supposed to reach the top of your car? Stand on a bucket? Not anymore! In just one single motion, you can dry every single part of your car in no less than a minute. Watch the video below to see how fast it works.

Try It Once, And You'll Never Go Back To Drying Your Car The Old-Fashioned Way

The custom-designed, super-absorbent microfiber cloth features an innovative twist loop design for easy drying application. And, the uniquely designed telescopic pole features durable, rust-resistant material and a soft, adjustable grip for long-lasting and comfortable use.

With every purchase, Quick Car Dry offers free shipping and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We even hear that they're throwing in a free touch-up towel AND brush attachment for a limited time.

The benefits are endless, but we'll list a few below.

  • Spot free drying of top and sides of the car in a fraction of the time

  • Extends your reach so you can dry the top and sides of your vehicle in seconds

  • The adjustable pole makes cleaning your own car oddly satisfying.

  • Washer and dryer safe towels for easy, effortless maintenance

  • Allows you to clean your car by yourself, with minimal equipment, at incredible speed!

Numerous field tests on this product have proven that the Quick Car Dry self-drying kit is, without question, the fastest, most immaculate, gentlest, and most durable car drying kit in the world. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Watch the Quick Car Dry commercial below, produced by Harvest Growth.

If you're ready to take your car care to a whole new level, head over to the Quick Car Dry website now.

Interested in having Harvest Growth launch your brand new, one-of-a-kind product as we did with Quick Car Dry? From packaging design consulting... to full website copy... to video production... to launching and managing a paid social media campaign... and all that's in-between, we've got it handled! Set up your free strategy call today with Jon LaClare, our CEO, today. What are you waiting for?



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