Caravan in the Desert

High Price Point Product Sells Via Digital Direct Response


Enduro Power lithium batteries are used in RVs, Boats, Off-Grid and Solar applications. We launched in late 2020. Harrison Smiddy is the owner and co-founder. Harrison enlisted us for a number of fronts: e-Commerce strategy, monthly execution, web development, paid social media campaign, organic social media content, and assistance with the development of brand assets. 

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When a brand new product with a high price point goes into the market, sometimes people need to see, touch, and experience the product prior to purchasing. So, when you launch a high price point product into eCommerce, it can be difficult to break through into the market to drive sales while increasing brand awareness and credibility.


We started very broad to fully understand the audience, product usage, and other key marketing positions that would guide the campaign to continued growth. Once we gained learnings and data, we evolved our marketing campaign in a strategic way. This included adding influencers, refining the paid social media campaign, adding Amazon to the sales channel, and more.

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As a result of our website and campaign strategy, the paid social media campaign brought an ROI of over 4.0 in the first week and continued to grow week after week.

“With a very aggressive timeline for our launch dates, Harvest Growth was able to efficiently hit all of them while continuously finding new solutions for challenges that popped up along the way.”—Harrison Smiddy
Owner & Co-Founder, Enduro Power Batteries 


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