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4 Tips on How to Create a Profitable Meta (Facebook) Campaign

Hello, digital marketing people! We discussed Meta (yes, we call it Meta now over here!) campaign best practices with Haley Kaiser, our Digital Marketing Specialist! Lucky you, now it's your turn to learn it. If you keep reading, you’ll learn four tips for creating a profitable Meta campaign. Trust us, you should keep reading.

TIP 1: Decide on the campaign objective. — Is it an awareness campaign? Is it a traffic campaign? Is it a conversion campaign? Are you optimizing for an app in a consideration campaign?

Awareness - brand awareness and reach

Consideration - traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, and messages

Conversion - conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic

TIP 2: Hone in on your creative content. — After your preliminary market research, you have a pretty good idea of your messaging and top features & benefits to guide your creatives. With creative content, the more variation, the better! Load in multiple primary text and headlines & multiple videos. While you can use still images for your campaign, videos convert the best across the board. It’s all about getting that scrolling thumb to stop in their tracks! To do that, you need eye-catching creatives that leave the viewer wanting to learn more about your product or service and eventually becoming a purchaser.

TIP 3: Find the ideal audience. — In order to reach your ideal customer, you can target different groups of people based on a million different things. You can target cold audiences (those that have never seen your ads) or retargeting (those who have already engaged with your ads in the past).

TIP 4: Testing, testing, and testing again! —It’s all about learning and testing your audiences. From there, you can continually optimize to find out what creatives and texts are getting the most engagements, conversions, and purchases. One option is to do A/B split testing where you run numerous campaigns using different landing pages or creatives to further user experience.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help launch and grow your brand’s digital campaign, we’ve got you. Set up a free strategy call with us today to learn more!

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