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Six Facebook Video Ad Examples

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

There are endless ways to market your product or service. When it comes to making high-quality videos for paid social media ads, the creative options are endless! Nowadays, if you want a successful Facebook campaign, incorporating videos into your ad sets is a necessity. With that said, we’ve dialed in six video styles that have proven to perform well. In this article, we’ll talk about each video style and have examples of ads we have created for our clients here at Harvest Growth.

Did you know that the word “infomercial” is a combination of the words “information” and “commercial?” An infomercial is a commercial to educate the viewer about a product/service via television. The infomercial format is now also highly effective on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There are no limitations in the types of products or services that work well with the infomercial format. When done correctly, infomercials are highly effective for an endless range of products and services, from skincare products to insulation services.

As an official Facebook partner agency, we employ Facebook Blueprint Certified buyers. Our proven strategies deliver staggering “Return on Ad Spend” results for client after client. With over 800 million users, the opportunities with Instagram are endless. We’ve got the creative chops and targeting strategies you need to stop the scrolling thumb. For Facebook and Instagram, we bring together the whole team to make the most eye-catching content. We focus on the big questions for your product or service — the features and benefits, the unique problem that the product/service is solving, and how it solves this problem.

Six Profitable & Creative Facebook Video Ad Examples

Let’s look at six of the best Facebook video ad examples for paid social media that have proven to be highly effective and profitable!


Facebook Ad 1 — Features/Benefits

Identifying your product's core features and benefits is perhaps one of the most important things you can do in marketing and advertising. Once you establish your top 3-5 features and benefits, you highlight all of them in an easy-to-follow video. Knowing your audience is just as vital when determining the features and benefits that will matter most to your ideal customer.

HydroRuck Features/Benefits Ad

Tricep Toner Features/Benefits Ad

Facebook Ad 2 — The Story

Especially if your product or service has an involved founder or creator, the story can really sell. For instance, if you’ve created a product because it helped solve a problem that was personal to you, that becomes really compelling to the consumer. These kinds of videos focus on the story behind the product or service and the inspiration and heart behind your business.

ZzzPal Story Ad

Harvest Growth Story Ad

Facebook Ad 3 — Demonstration (How To)

Especially when you’ve created a unique product, explaining how to use the product is vital. In these videos, you create a simplified video demonstrating how to use the product properly. This can come in the form of a more professional video or the form of testimonial-like user videos.

ComforTek Demonstration Ad

Boogie Board Demonstration Ad

Facebook Ad 4 — Problem/Solution

For this type of video, you Identify the problem your prospective customer is dealing with, and then you make the product THE solution for overcoming the problem.

Rock Steady Cane Problem/Solution Ad

Wax Whacker Problem/Solution Ad

Facebook Ad 5 — Testimonials

Testimonials establish brand credibility. Instead of just hearing from the brand about how great the product is, the customers hear from real customers. When you hear about real user experience, the product becomes more desirable and intriguing.

The Trick Testimonial Ad

Cooch Ball Testimonial Ad

ZzzPal Testimonial Ad

Facebook Ad 6 — Animation

When it comes to making effective Facebook ads, educating the consumer in a simple, easy-to-understand way is very important. With that, using animation helps explain the product or service in an easy-to-understand, memorable way. It’ll help consumers become familiar with the product while answering their questions when considering making the purchase. Check out our clients that have utilized animation to market their product or service successfully.

ZzzPal Animation Ad

Sol-Lux Animation Ad

The Importance Of The CTA (Call-To-Action)

The incredible thing about infomercial production is that they create an instant connection with the customer. At the end of every infomercial, whether it’s a 15-second digital media format or a 30-minute national TV format, there will always be a call-to-action. Sometimes, the CTA comes in the form of a phone number in a TV spot that connects to a call center. Other times, the CTA comes in the form of a web address or a “learn more” or “try now” button in a Facebook Ad.

Simply put, a successful CTA provokes the viewer to act immediately. If the viewer doesn’t act immediately, the hope is that the infomercial was compelling enough to send them to your website, after which we can “retarget” them over the coming days and weeks.

With infomercials with a CTA, the marketer is generally selling the product immediately, so you know whether or not your product is making money instantly. Suppose the numbers don't come back how you want them. In that case, you can adjust many variables and try again, each time incrementally spending until you hit the Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) you want.


When it comes to digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, retargeting is highly beneficial. It’s common and expected for consumers to go to the website and then click away to either do research or because they simply get distracted. Whatever the reason, the consumer doesn’t buy right away. This is a very typical pattern. Therefore, having retargeting tactics in place is crucial for a profitable campaign — especially if the product price point is higher than $20. The more you serve ads to a consumer on various platforms, the more credibility and product education you build. Sometimes it can take 5, 6, or 7 videos for them to purchase, especially with more significant purchases. In short, retargeting leads to conversions and drives high ROI!

Are you looking to launch a digital marketing campaign with Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube? Let us do it for you! We’ve successfully launched over 250+ products through paid social media using compelling video paired with effective copywriting. Is this the infomercial strategy for you? Click here to book a FREE strategy call to see how we can help grow your business using paid social media.


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