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What's For Dinner?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

How many times a day does the thought “What’s for Dinner?” cross your mind? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it was simple to make and eat healthy? Wish you had hundreds of recipes at your fingertips?

NUWAVE has you covered! Cooking a delicious, healthier meal has never been easier.

We'd like to introduce you to the NUWAVE PRIMO.

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This counter top oven features:

- Top and Bottom Heat

- From Frozen to Fabulous

- Digital Temperature Probe

- Newly Designed Power Dome

- 100 Pre-Programmed Recipes

We have several of the NUWAVE products in our office and we LOVE everyone of them. The PRIMO is no exception.

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· COOK LIKE NEVER BEFORE! The PRIMO combines conduction, convection and infrared technology with the grill to cook foods up to 70% FASTER than conventional cooking, while using less energy. Even cook from frozen, without defrosting. Perfect for busy households on the go!

· PERFECT RESULTS GUARANTEED! Using the integrated digital temperature probe means you never have to guess again! Insert the probe, set the temperature and touch and go! The PRIMO cooks until your food is perfect and then shuts off automatically, so you’ll never undercook or overcook meals again! Guaranteed!

· EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY- The PRIMO’s cooking technology means you can use it for virtually every meal of the day, and dessert! With a cooking range from 100 to 425 degrees you can broil, roast, grill, sear, bake, air fry, braise and even dehydrate… all in one appliance right on your countertop. Plus, the best pizza you have ever made at home! This is one appliance that does it all!

· EVERYTHING YOU NEED- Every PRIMO includes the 1500-watt power head, temperature probe, advanced power dome, non-stick grill, base, dome holder, recipe book, NuWave cooking club app, 1 year top to bottom warranty.

· THE BOTTOM LINE- The PRIMO has it all. Easy to use, fast, versatile, easy to clean, cooks from frozen, and energy efficient. Plus, additional features like REHEAT for perfect leftovers, WARM to keep meals hot and fresh until you are ready to eat, PREHEAT, DELAY and so much more! And since its dishwasher safe… cleanup is fast and easy!

So, if you're ready to finally put an end to the question, "What's for dinner?" get your NUWAVE PRIMO on or their website.

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About the NUWAVE Difference:

For over two decades, they have truly lived up to their philosophy to “Live Well For Less” with each and every one of their products. NUWAVE is driven by the pursuit of safe, green products that can improve the quality of life. Throughout the company history, they have been committed to exceeding industry-standard best practices regarding safety and product quality. They are focused on developing environmentally conscious appliances that are affordable for everyone, all built with the latest culinary technology. All research and development is done onsite at their corporate headquarters in Libertyville, IL.

While the NuWave line has many imitators, they are leaders in developing products that promote efficiency and value while enhancing the customer's quality of life through a foundation of trust and dependability. Their customers are always their top priority, and they are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that everyone who comes to NuWave enjoys a positive experience. As a result, their flagship products, the NuWave Oven and NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop, have been enjoyed by millions of happy customers throughout the globe.

With this experience and commitment to creating superior products that are affordable and make day-to-day life easier and healthier, they are proud to offer you the NuWave Primo Combo Grill Oven.

You can find the NUWAVE PRIMO on or their website.

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