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Unique chance to get YOUR product launch questions answered…

What if you could get all your questions answered on how to market your consumer product?

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After successfully launching hundreds of products over the past 10+ years, I’ve learned the best ways to market a product…and I’ve seen some big mistakes that have been made as well. You don’t need to spend $100k+ on an MBA from a top 10 school or work for several years launching products for a multi-billion dollar consumer products company or manage OxiClean’s new product launches like I did. There’s a much faster way to learn the best way to launch and market new products.

Ask me!

For a limited time, I’m answering any questions you submit based on my experience in leading hundreds of successes as well as seeing a few that made simple mistakes that sunk their businesses.

  • How should I price my product?

  • What are some ways I can do a test market for $200 or less?

  • How do I sell to national retailers?

  • Are license deals worth it?

  • How did OxiClean become a household name and beat out multi-billion dollar Clorox?

  • How do I build my own product website in less than half a day?

  • Was Billy Mays’ beard real?

I’m putting together a system to teach product marketers how to launch and market their products even if they have a budget of less than $1,000. For a limited time, I’m providing the content that will eventually cost $1000 or more for FREE!. Simply send me your product marketing questions, and I’ll answer them in future blog posts as I put the final touches on the paid program. I want to make sure my ultimate program answers all of the questions that face inventors and entrepreneurs, so please let me know what answers will best help your business to grow.

Simply CLICK HERE to send your questions directly to my attention.

To Your Success!

Jon LaClare

CEO, Harvest Growth


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