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New Podcast - Profitable Facebook Advertising

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

In this episode, Jon LaClare interviews Bethany Wilcox, Harvest Growth’s Marketing Director, and in-house Facebook Genius. 

More formally, she’s known as a Facebook Certified Buyer, which is quite a difficult distinction to achieve through formal Facebook testing. 

More importantly, she has mastered the Harvest Growth system for helping clients quickly achieve profitable Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

This is a really fun interview where Bethany and Jon dive deep on the following topics, plus many more:

  • How to make money with your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

  • How to move from traditional “organic” social media to a more results-centered approach.

  • How to set up a predictive and scalable influencer marketing campaign.

  • How to optimize Amazon for a brand new, innovative product.

  • How to profitably use Facebook and Instagram to launch a brand new product or scale the growth of a 100-year old brand.

There are many ways to listen to this podcast:

To listen to this podcast on your Apple device, click here.

To listen on Google Play, click here. To listen on a desktop, click here.

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If you’d like to learn how Harvest Growth can help with your paid social media marketing campaigns, please check us out at, and on our site, you’ll have the chance to set up a free consultation with one of our Product Launch Experts.


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