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New podcast with Mark Eshelman, Serial Inventor Extraordinaire

Do you have to be an expert in a certain field in order to invent a product for that category? In today’s interview, Mark Eshelman proves to us that someone who is not an experienced gardener can launch a gardening product that ends up selling over 10 million units. Since that launch of the Planket 15 years ago, Mark has successfully invented and launched several other products, and he shares his story to help inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to profit from innovation.

This is a fascinating interview where Mark teaches us how to:

 Find new product opportunities

 Prevent copycats, even when you product isn’t patentable

 Partner with the right people

 Be profitable in retail (immediately!)

You’ll be taught through stories of his successful launches. To learn more about Mark and his products, check out his websites:

Currently, he doesn’t sell his products on his own websites. They can be found in thousands of retailers nationwide or on Amazon and several other third party platforms.

Because Mark wants to help other inventors and entrepreneurs, he’s offering a 50% discount on any of his products, so if you’d like to take advantage of that offer, you can email him directly at


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