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Looking for a Unique Christmas Gift?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

If you're like us, you love giving gifts that are unique and different, if for no other reason than to show the thought put into it; after all, "it's the thought that counts."

Being a product launch company, we see a lot of creative, fun and useful products, and we wanted to share a few ideas with you. Happy gifting!

For the Hiker or Military Service Member

We love this first company for many reasons but most importantly, they produce high quality walking sticks and canes built by hand, unique for each customer.

For the hiker on your list, they'll be impressed by the unique wood and design you choose for them.

For the military serviceman, recognize them for their service to our country with a cane or walking stick with an inlaid medallion and personal message engraved.

"Memories can fade but legacies should never go away. Honor the service or legacy of a loved one with Brazos Walking sticks and canes."

Check out their diverse selection of products at

For the Parent with a Young Child

Pony Up Daddy has been quite the hit since it first launched several years ago and every Christmas, family members are buying up these saddles like they are going out of style!

It’s more than just a gift – it’s a great way for small kids and adults to interact with each other and create fun memories.

Watch the video below to see Pony Up Daddy in action.

You can shop Pony Up Daddy on Amazon here.

For Any Child That Loves Stuffed Animals

This is the first Christmas that this product has been on the market so chances are, the kiddo on your shopping list doesn't have a Whatsitsface yet!

With a simple turn of a knob or a flip of a face, each Whatsitsface plush toy features six separate faces - offering your child endless opportunities to create new imaginative play scenarios while having fun and developing emotional intelligence.

For the Chocolate Lover

Nicknamed “the Tiffany’s of chocolate”, Braun's stands apart from other chocolatiers with melt in your mouth chocolate that is accompanied by a beautiful keepsake box that can be used (once the chocolate is devoured) as jewelry storage, bookshelf decor, or anything you can think of. 

To shop these delicious chocolates, go to

For Anyone That Has To Shovel Snow

This is a fun and practical gift for just about anyone on your Christmas shopping list; however, it's a perfect gift for anyone who has lower back pain. Heavy snow puts a lot of strain on the body and thousands of people each year injure themselves in the process.

With NoBendz's unique handle design your back stays straight when you're shoveling which alleviates the strain and pain experienced with other snow shovels.

Get yours today at

For the Commuter/Traveler

SleepStik is a revolutionary new device which is designed to provide complete and continuous head support for travelers who must remain seated for extended periods. The unique properties of the device offer a completely new level of travel comfort by cradling the user's head in a precise, yet compliant way.

Buy one now at

For the Christmas Decorator

We bet you know someone who loves decorating for Christmas. We can guarantee you that they don't have this! These lights are awesome - no batteries or electrical outlet needed so now they can decorate anywhere!!! These lights are powered by water, have 8 different light modes and a built in timer.

Great gift for anyone but a perfect gift for all the gift exchanges you participate in this year! Shop Now at

For the Car Lover

There is nothing more frustrating than returning to your car and finding a new door ding, dent or scratch. We created Dent Prevent so you can park anywhere worry-free and keep your car lookin' as if it just rolled out of the factory!

The Dent Prevent LOOKS like it was factory installed with it's sleek design so others won't even know it's there! But, it actually easily attaches with our premium strength magnets so you can take it on and off as you please!

Shop Dent Prevent on Amazon here.


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