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How To Be The Next OxiClean

How did OxiClean, a seemingly simple bucket of sodium percarbonate, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and sell for a whopping $325 million just a few years after launching from a humble garage setup? As someone who was there, helping launch new products and grow their sales until the business was sold in 2006, I can share the secrets behind OxiClean's meteoric rise. If you aim to replicate this success, let's dive into how we did it.

The cornerstone of OxiClean's success was the power of video marketing. The key is to create a video marketing campaign that pays for itself. For every dollar spent on media, aim to generate multiple dollars in revenue. With self-sustaining video marketing, you can establish yourself as a leader in the market, making it more difficult for even the biggest competitors to compete. For example, when Clorox launched Oxi Magic, it quickly failed because they relied on traditional retail advertising. Meanwhile, OxiClean could afford to keep spending tens of millions of dollars annually on OxiClean advertising because each ad generated profits.

At Harvest Growth, we've launched hundreds of campaigns that have generated over $2 billion in revenue. While today’s videos may look different from OxiClean's infomercials from the early 2000s, their effective principles remain the same. 

In the following video, I break down the OxiClean infomercial strategy to demonstrate the core elements of effective video marketing. We discuss the importance of building credibility, the power of visual demonstrations and crafting a strong call to action. Watch this short video to learn from OxiClean’s tried and true method. 

While today’s videos might look different than the OxiClean example in the video you just watched, the core elements that made OxiClean successful are timeless. When crafting a full-story video script, there are a few elements that should be included. In today’s digital world, shorter videos might focus on one or two of these elements, and gradually tell the full story through retargeting.

Essential Script Elements

1. Identify the Problem and Solution

Start by explaining the problem your audience is facing and how your product or service solves it. This immediately captures attention and makes your audience see the relevance of your offering.

2. Highlight the Benefits

Share the benefits of your product or service. What will your audience gain? Whether it's saving time, money, or effort, make it clear why they need what you're offering.

3. Demonstrate Effectiveness

Show how your product or service works through well-crafted video demonstrations. This could be a wow demo like Billy Mays did for OxiClean or a simple demonstration that helps your audience envision themselves using it.

4. Build Credibility

OxiClean built credibility through a master pitchman and live demonstrations. You can achieve this same credibility through testimonials, reviews, working with influencers or obtaining user-generated content.

5. Construct an Irresistible Offer

Detail what your audience will get when they purchase. Get them excited about the offer. While you don't always need to share the price upfront, they should understand the value they're getting.

6. Create a Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

Communicate what you want your audience to do next. Whether it's clicking a link or visiting your website, make the next steps obvious and easy to follow.

The success of OxiClean is a testament to the power of effective video marketing. By incorporating these core elements into your campaigns, you can drive maximum revenues and build a brand that stands the test of time. To learn more about the video marketing process that has launched and grown hundreds of businesses, visit Start your journey to becoming the next big success story today!


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