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Brand new inventors’ segment on HSN

Did you know that HSN, formerly the Home Shopping Network, is now in over 96 million homes? There are only a handful of cable stations that have that level of distribution.

And HSN sells products LIVE to consumers 24 hours a day 364 days a year (they do take off Christmas and run recorded segments that day).

HSN loves inventors and has a passion for bringing exciting new products to their audience. They are launching a brand new weekly segment showcasing new inventions, and our business partner, Bob Circosta, is one of the primary hosts.

How would you like your product to be featured during one of Bob’s segments that has distribution of over 96 million homes? Simply send me an email at and provide the following information, and we’ll reach out to you if your product could be a fit for HSN:

  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Website, if available

  • Product images, if available

  • Selling price

This is a unique opportunity to get your product on to HSN and prove that it can sell. Alongside Bob Circosta will be one of the Sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank as well as the CEO of a major invention submission company. They are on the hunt for exciting new products and need to fill their time slots, so the race to find products is on!

Please reach out to us as soon as possible if you have a great idea, and we’ll help you to know if your product could be the next hit on HSN.

To your success!

Jon LaClare

CEO, Harvest Growth

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