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Prevent the Dent

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Don’t you just love driving off the lot with a flawless new car?  It’s pristine and perfect, that is until you get that first dent or ding.  There is nothing more frustrating than returning to your car and finding a new door ding, dent or scratch.

So, you’re asking what can be done?  It’s inevitable, right? It’s not always possible to park at the back of the lot to keep your car away from others.  You could do that crazy double-spaced parking thing, but then again you might be asking for more than just a door ding.

In reality all you can really do is protect your car and Dent Prevent has come to your rescue.  Dent Prevent was created so you can park anywhere worry-free and keep your car lookin' as if it just rolled out of the factory!

Protect It With Dent Prevent

The door protectors look like it were factory installed with it's sleek design so others won't even know it's there! Your Dent Prevent attaches to your car with high energy magnets.  Just extend it to the right size for your car door.  It's that easy!  The magnets won't scratch your paint and are easy to remove and yet strong enough to stay on your car while you drive, no matter how bad the weather.

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So yes, it’s possible to protect your car from future door dings and dents with Dent Prevent. Each order comes with a set of 2 door protectors and sells for only $39.99. They also make great gifts for just about anyone on your shopping list!

Interest in learning more?  Check them out at

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