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Achieve Your Highest ROI - Navigating the Timelines of Digital Marketing Success

We know what's on the minds of entrepreneurs and business owners when launching a new marketing campaign - the elusive Return on Investment (ROI). In an ideal world, you'd see immediate results, a surge in profits and a pat on the back for a job well done. However, the reality of the digital marketing landscape is a bit more intricate. When embarking on the journey of a new marketing campaign, there are many facets of marketing efforts to keep in mind and how they affect the ROI. In this blog, we’ll unveil the intricate timelines of digital marketing success.

SEO: Slow to start with long-lasting results

SEO is like planting a seed and patiently watching it grow into a mighty oak tree. You might see slight growth early on, primarily due to fixing technical issues, but the real magic may take longer. It can take Google four to six months to find your content, test it on the search engine results page (SERP) and let your organic traffic skyrocket. The good thing about SEO though is once it kicks in, your results are sustainable, even without constant efforts, so don’t skip out on this step!

Paid Media: Immediate glory with some highs and lows

Now, let's talk about paid media. With search, display and social media ads, you can see returns almost instantly. However, it’s common for your ROI to fluctuate daily and even weekly, which is why your campaigns will need to be optimized on the go to stabilize your results over time. It's valuable to stay persistent through the early and potentially inconsistent stages, because the moment you stop your campaign efforts, your paid media results can vanish into thin air. These platforms take time to collect and learn from data, and they don’t perform well when they are disrupted.

Email Marketing: Cultivating long-term relationships

Email marketing requires patience and finesse, but it’s absolutely worth your time if you want to increase your ROI. Your initial email campaigns might not dazzle right away, because it takes time to grow your email list and discover what resonates with your audience. Continuous testing from subject lines to email length and format can help you narrow in on what resonates best with your ideal audience. The more targeted your approach, the better your ROI becomes. But beware, just like with paid media, stopping your email marketing efforts can mean an immediate halt to your hard-earned efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Speedy and sustainable

Last but not least, we have Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It offers the best of both worlds: quick gains after optimizing your site and long-lasting results even after your CRO efforts stop. Sure, it also involves testing and optimizing, but the insights you gain will transform your website into a powerhouse that keeps working for you. This is an important and vital piece you don’t want to miss!

Each and every approach has its pros and cons. That's why smart businesses invest in an omnichannel strategy, weaving together the power of SEO, paid media, email marketing, and CRO. By doing so, you amplify the effects of all your efforts, propelling your business to greater heights. But the bottom line is, consistency is key. Building an audience, a loyal customer base and data on digital platforms all take time and effort. We all want immediate and impressive results, but patience, persistence and some creativity will become your best friends when heading toward an exceptional ROI.

Contact Harvest Growth to get a head start on your SEO, paid media, email marketing and CRO efforts. We’re happy to help you achieve the highest ROI your business has seen yet!

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