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7 Video Marketing Strategies to Use in 2023

7 Video Marketing Strategies to Use in 2023

It’s no doubt that video advertising is the leading revenue generator for brands on social media these days. With TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube shorts leading the way, the ideal content to target your audience and convert the sale is short-form video. According to, 94% of survey respondents said watching a video about a product has helped them make a purchase decision. So, what videos perform the best and help you engage your ideal customer with your brand and product/service? We go into detail on seven high-converting video strategies we recommend your brand should be using now.

Brand and Product Feature Videos

Product Focus

The product feature video is your product's glamour shot. This is the time to showcase how good your product looks. Slow-motion, stop-motion, close-up shots, highlighting ingredients, etc., can all be used here. This video performs best when shot in high-quality and professionally produced in a studio by a video marketing agency.

This example from The Ordinary effectively highlights the purity of the product through close-up shots of the serum and the clean, minimalist logo.

Celsius also does a great job in this ad by showcasing the simple ingredients of their sparkling energy drink.

Features and Benefits

This video is the highlight reel of your product. It’s your time to shine on all the good your product or service offers. List all the top features and benefits that will interest your ideal customers. For example, is your product vegan or sustainably sourced, does it contain a sought-after ingredient or solve a common problem, etc.?

This video we made for our client SeaFoam is an excellent example of highlighting the product’s features while emphasizing the benefits that provide a solution to the customer’s problem.


People often resort to social media for two reasons - to learn something new or to be entertained. But they don’t necessarily care about learning all the science and education behind your product right away. Instead, try to teach your audience about something related to your product. “Did You Know?” and “How To” are tried and true options for educational videos. For example, if your product is a sunrise alarm clock, you could make a “Did you know waking up with the sunrise boosts mental health?” or “How to stick to a morning routine in the winter” video. Your target audience will learn how to be healthier and more productive in their day while also realizing they want and need your alarm clock to achieve this.

3 Reasons

Like an educational video, the power of three can persuade your customer to purchase by teaching them something they didn’t already know. There are many options for content you can use when producing this type of video, such as “3 reasons why you need this”, “3 how-to tips”, “3 things you’re not doing/doing wrong”, etc.

Whoop mastered this strategy in this “3 Reasons Why” video

User Generated Content Videos

Day in the life

Most products or services help add value or improve a person’s daily life. This video helps exemplify how your customer can incorporate your product into their daily routine for a happier, easier, or healthier lifestyle. For example, suppose you're selling a Greens supplement that helps boost digestion and has added health benefits. In that case, you can make a “What I eat in a day” video, “How I start my day,” “Come to the office with me,” or “Get Ready With Me (GRWM)” video and use the greens as a must-have that provides energy to get through the day. Your target audience will resonate with this and be able to envision a lifestyle they could have if using your product.


Word of Mouth marketing may be old school, but it will never go out of style. If it had, “TikTok made me buy it” wouldn’t be a thing. One of the highest-converting video marketing ads are testimonial videos. You can simply ask a valued customer to leave a video testimonial review, send your product to a content creator, or have your digital video marketing agency create this style of video for your product or service.

This Peter Thomas Roth testimonial is a prime example of how impactful these types of videos can be. Trini’s (a real customer who bought the product for herself) testimonial went viral within hours, accumulating over 41 Million views, revamping a product the brand had in their lineup for ten years and generating tons of sales. The reason this video is so powerful is that she demonstrates the product’s incredible results in real time - a valuable display for a testimonial.

This video we helped create for Flamaquel uses the testimonial strategy in a relaxed, user-generated content (UGC) style that makes it feel like a friend is referring the product. This testimonial is impactful because she is vulnerable enough to share her struggle with pain from inflammation and how this product has helped improve her daily life.


Last but absolutely not least, videos that entertain or inspire are likely to be the ones that go viral or get the most traction and engagement. Make your product memorable by making your ad humorous.

In this UGC video from Crown Quality Products, a customer highlights how she’s moved on from snatching her boyfriend's hoodies to taking his hair brushes. It's relatable, funny, and memorable. And most importantly, it makes you want to try the brush!

Inspiring someone to make a change by using your product as the catalyst can also have an impactful result. Inspiration can come in many forms, from quotes to transformations to heartfelt stories. We recommended adding them all to your digital video advertising strategy.

All of these strategies work well for TV video production as well. For TV ads, you’ll typically want your video to be a little longer than social media ads. We recommend combining these strategies into your video to make the time slot longer. If you need help with your video marketing strategy (digital or national TV), contact us at Harvest Growth! We are a full-service digital video marketing agency that can help you with your content marketing strategy from beginning to end. We do everything from ideation and scripting to video production to managing your ad campaign, and we’ve successfully launched hundreds of products and services since 2007.

Contact Harvest Growth today to learn more about how we can help your business grow with video marketing in 2023!


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