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TV Media Paid For Itself Within The First Week of Launching - The Flip Lok Case Study


Flip Lok launched in August 2022 with the goal to get their patented door lock into all schools across the country. Founder Anna Reger came up with the idea for Flip Lok in 2019 as a way to find peace of mind knowing her kids would be safe whenever she was not with them. It is Flip Lok’s mission to enable all Americans to protect themselves and their families, whether they are at home, the office or school.

The Challenge

Flip Lok initially launched in the B2B market, selling their commercial lock to schools to help schools defend themselves and keep their staff and students safe during any potential active threat situations. They then wanted to expand into the B2C market with their residential lock, but needed help strategizing on how to take their new product from zero sales to profits in a new market.

Strategy Anna came to Harvest Growth with the goal of expanding Flip Lok’s reach into the residential market. Harvest Growth began strategizing through extensive market research and competitive analysis. And together with Flip Lok, determined a Direct Response TV campaign would be the best way to get the word out about this innovative new lock that can be activated by any family member within seconds. The Harvest Growth team scripted, filmed and created a two-minute video featuring the residential Flip Lok and helped launch the campaign on national television.

The Campaign


Harvest Growth succeeded in taking Flip Lok’s residential lock from zero sales to profits quickly. Flip Lok’s TV media paid for itself within the first week of launching their national tv campaign and continues to scale from there.

“Harvest Growth has been amazing to work with and I highly recommend them. If you get a chance and you have a product, I absolutely recommend working with Jon and his team.” - Anna Reger, Founder


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