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The Harvest Growth Spring 2021 Buying Guide!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Today is the first day of Spring, and that means MANY things — more days of sunshine to spend outside, spring cleaning, and newness in the air. In honor of the first day of a brand new season, we’ve put together a Spring Buying Guide. No matter who you are, you’ll find something on this list!

From an innovative arm workout device to keep you fit for the warm months to a solar-powered retractable awning that’ll reduce energy consumption and saves on utility costs — we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to discover some of the best products for the Spring season.


For the active days outside in the sun… TRICEP TONER!

fitness spring buying guide

Hmmm, if only there were a way to maintain an exercise routine even in the busy spring season. The Tricep Toner is the answer to that problem! Use for 10-15 minutes at least three times a week and say goodbye to flabby arms and hello to stress-free joints.

We all love a good walk in the sun on a spring day. And, sometimes those walks can only be 10 or 15 minutes long because we have so much going on. Use the Tricep Toner on your walk with your friend and see results fast! It's a lightweight, portable, adjustable system that works with active resistance.

Tricep Toner works out the tricep muscle through the simple act of straightening and bending the arm in a repeated manner. Sounds easy enough, right? Check out this case study on Tricep Toner that talks about the fantastic growth they experienced as a result of a site that we built for them.

To buy your very own Tricep Toner (or two for you and a friend), click here!


For the walks in-between your WFH time to make sure you’re still getting that much-needed fresh air… WAX WHACKER!

Let's be honest: when you really take a moment to look at your beloved AirPods, you'll notice a LOT of wax all over them. Before you grab a toothpick or paperclip to get the wax out, stop! Because you will very likely damage your Pods, and those are expensive!

The Wax Whacker is the only alternative and the best solution to remove grime and wax from AirPods without the risk of damage. Using a unique cleaning tip that is gentle yet effective, you'll be able to remove grime and wax from earbuds from the hard-to-reach crevices in your AirPods and the AirPod case. Each purchase comes with five replacement heads for when the brush head gets dirty.

If you're sitting here wondering what a Wax Whacker has to do with Spring, trust us! It does! Despite most of us still working from home, we still need to get that much-needed outside time. Throw on that podcast or playlist and head out the door with your CLEAN AirPods. Or, if you use them for work calls, you'll definitely want them clean.

To buy a Wax Whacker today, click here!


For the new mom… ZZZPAL!

Are you looking to find the ideal springtime gift for the new mom in your life? Or, if you’re the new mom, are you trying to find a fun and helpful product that’ll bring you comfort? Well folks, the results are in, and the ZzzPal Nursing Pillow makes the perfect springtime baby shower gift!

New moms should cherish precious moments with their newborns. With that in mind, ZzzPal created a pillow for nursing mothers to give them all the comfort they deserve. We all love spring, but the rainy days can sometimes be dreary. Why not brighten a new mom's day with this amazing companion?

How can we make the ZzzPal spring-themed, you ask? Well, they're available now in new floral designs with 100% organic polyester filling. Our favorite spring designs are listed below!

For a complete list of ZzzPal products, click here!


For a quick clean-up after a beautiful day of grilling in the backyard… GRILLBOT & SCRAPER SPONGE!

grillbot scraper sponge

Okay, so what if we told you that there is a robot out there that can seamlessly clean your grill, no matter how intense the mess? That sounds a little bit like living in the future, right? Well, it exists, and it's called the GrillBot! All you have to do is place the GrillBot on your grill grate and push the button.

When we think of spring, we think of spending as much time as possible outside. We think about grilled burgers and veggie kabobs. Maybe you can even finish the night off with a bonfire and s'mores when it gets a little chilly at dusk. With the GrillBot, you don't need to spend a ton of time and energy cleaning your grill. Plus, I think your guests will find it pretty fun to watch.

Along with the GrillBot, the Scraper Sponge is the ideal sponge to get the grime off of your grilling equipment. Instead of leaving the backyard barbecue and going inside to clean everything before it becomes impossible to clean, the Scraper Sponge can remove tough messes. When it comes to cleaning, we can all agree that efficiency and effectiveness are a must. With the Scraper Sponge, you can enjoy your grill-outs more, knowing that clean-up will be easier. No need to rush the night away!

To purchase your very own GrillBot, click here & to purchase a pack of Scraper Sponges, click here!


For reduced energy consumption and savings on energy bills (spring cleaning more like spring savings!)... SOL-LUX!

When spring comes around, everyone has an itch to take on some home improvement projects. So, why not start a home improvement project that is amazing for the environment by reducing energy consumption AND helps you save on your energy bills every single month?

Sol-Lux is a brand that creates solar-powered window awnings that eliminate the need for electric wiring in your home! Because every home is unique, reach out to Sol-Lux via phone or contact form right here. To read about all of the fantastic benefits of the Sol-Lux Smart Window Awnings, check out this blog post. To purchase these window awnings from Sol-Lux, you can opt to buy and install them yourself, or you can find a dealer to install them for you!

To begin looking at purchasing options of smart window awnings from Sol-Lux, click here!


For the days where it’s raining so much that Spring cleaning is inevitable… CLEAN GO GREEN GO!

Since we're on the spring cleaning wave, we have to give you some guidance on some of the best cleaning supplies around. Clean Go Green Go creates completely non-toxic, bio-renewable, 100% biodegradable, and pet/child-friendly products. From all-purpose spray to super-concentrate, Clean Go Green Go has it all.

When you're cleaning your house, the last thing you want to do is use harsh chemicals all over the place. With these products, you'll get the same great and effective clean while using green cleaning products. So, go ahead, elevate your spring cleaning process!

For a complete list of cleaning products from Clean Go Green Go, click here!


For organization and entertainment for Spring but also, for every single day… BOOGIE BOARD!

Let's face it: spring rolls around in the middle of the year, and we can all feel a little bit chaotic and unorganized during this time. That's where Boogie Board comes in! And, no, we are not talking about surfboard. Boogie Board has endless reusable writing, doodling, and drawing products.

Whether you're making lists for the grocery store, trying to stay organized as you work-from-home, or just want a place to write out your thoughts without using endless paper, Boogie Board has got a product for you. They also have a lot of incredible items for kids. It's the ideal product to keep your kids occupied without technology!

Our current favorite products from Boogie Board:

For a complete list of incredible Boogie Board products, click here!


And, there you have it! We hope that this Spring Season is a wonderful one. Let us know which product you choose to purchase to help bring some newness to spring!

Are you looking to launch your one-of-a-kind product using video on digital platforms, national TV, or both? Schedule a free phone consultation with Harvest Growth today!


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