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The concept of the Salad Sling began in Jill's kitchen as she was preparing dinner for her family and like most successful products, the concept came as a solution to a problem.

Sitting on the top shelf in her cabinet was a Salad Spinner which Jill didn't like using as a way to dry lettuce for salads; it was big, hard to store and didn't fit in her dishwasher so she rarely used it. On this night, she had placed the wet salad greens in a dishtowel and was slinging it around in the air when her husband walked into the kitchen and asked her what she was doing. After she explained that she was drying the lettuce for their salad, he said, "That's kind of a good idea", which planted the seed of entrepreneurism in her to bring her practical solution into the marketplace.

Jill Visit is the inventor of the Salad Sling, which is a 3-layer ultra-absorbent microfiber towel you can sling your greens dry in seconds with no mess.

So how did the Salad Sling come to find its popularity through her website and Amazon? It was a rather simple idea suggested by a friend of hers to send a Salad Sling to a reporter of the New York times, who had just recently posted an article about meal prep. This reporter not only loved it but she also wrote a piece about it which grabbed the attention of her readers.

On this podcast, Jill recounts the story, "On October 28th, we were written up in the New York Times. Florence Fabricant got ahold of the Salad Sling and liked it and did a little write up…the response to that has been incredible. It’s been really amazing. Lots of people reached out; we sold out immediately…that has led to other media exposure and it’s just been fantastic.”

The idea to share her product with others was so simple and yet so effective; recommendations through word of mouth are golden to a new product.

In Jon's podcast interview with Jill you'll find other practical tips for growing your business such as how to develop your first prototype without breaking the bank and how to inexpensively grow your business on Amazon. Click here to listen now.

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