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FreeRateUpdate National TV Launch

This blog post highlights our client,, who recently had their National TV launch.

The housing market this past year has been absolutely wild, we can all agree on that. FreeRateUpdate is the best, most uncomplicated way to shop online for a mortgage. The user-friendly mortgage rate finder allows you to get equity out of your home at a low fixed rate. The current fixed rate verified by FreeRateUpdate is as low as 1.7% to 1.9% APR.

By shopping multiple lenders, you’ll get the best rate. A consumer can go online and quickly get different options from reputable lenders with competitive offers for refinancing, home purchases, or home equity. Get the information online, on the phone — or even via chat, email, or text.

Let's talk about features and benefits. There are tons of them!

  • Receive competitive information about mortgages via website, phone, email, or chat

  • The easiest way to shop online for a mortgage

  • Backed by having an excellent relationship with the banks and lenders on the website — reputable lenders

  • Quickly get different options for refinancing, home purchase, and home equity.

  • Fill out a user-friendly online survey

  • No SSN needed to get started

  • In as little as five minutes, FreeRateUpdate immediately provides you the top three lenders with the best offers for you.

  • No additional fees, FreeRateUpdate is completely free to use.

  • Get immediate access to more information from the top three lenders by phone and email.

Watch the FreeRateUpdate commercials — produced by Harvest Growth.


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