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Double Your Business: 15 Optimizations to Get You Started

Did you know that a 26% improvement in marketing performance can double your business revenue? In the latest video post, CEO of Harvest GrowthJon LaClare reveals how focusing on three growth metrics is a faster, simpler, and more efficient strategy for growing your business. In less than five minutes, you’ll discover 15 proven tips for increasing traffic to your websites and sales pages, converting those visitors to buyers, and getting those buyers to spend more while also referring you to others. These are the same techniques our Agency uses to grow hundreds of businesses. So don't miss out!


In today’s episode of the Harvest Growth Podcast, we’ll cover:

  • How small improvements in your marketing funnel can ignite phenomenal business success.

  • 15 optimizations you can implement now to grow your business.

  • Simple tech-powered tactics for improving performance across your marketing funnel.

  • A secret tip for successfully increasing profit on each sale.

  • And so much more!


You can listen to the episode on your desktop or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Or, click to watch the full video episode here!


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Prefer reading instead of listening? Read the full transcript here!

Jon LaClare:

Did you know 26% improvements can double your business? Growing your business means focusing on three core areas: getting more traffic, boosting your conversion rate, and increasing the amount each customer spends. Doubling any single one of these areas is a huge challenge. But what if I told you that strategically improving each of those areas by just 26% could actually double your overall business?

It might sound too good to be true, but let's look at the math. Start with your current revenue – let's call it 1. Multiply that by 1.26 to represent a 26% increase in traffic, then multiply again by 1.26 for the conversion boost, and finally another 1.26 for the lift in revenue per customer. The result? 2 – you've doubled your business!

So, how do we achieve those 26% improvements? Here are 15 optimizations to get you started:

First, here are 3 ways to grow your Traffic.

Grow your audience: Try slightly increasing your ad spend, working to lower your cost-per-click, or producing fresh, engaging content to boost your organic reach.

Sweeten the offer: Maybe you already have a discount or free shipping offer – make sure you're highlighting it in your ads! Adding a small freebie can also be a surprisingly powerful way to attract new customers.

Optimize your message: Do some market research to understand exactly what language and offers will resonate the most with your target audience.

Next, there are 6 easy ways to improve your Conversion

Auto add-to-cart: Use apps and integrations to make the buying process as frictionless as possible.

Guarantee peace of mind: Prominently feature your satisfaction guarantee to ease any customer concerns.

Social proof: Collect and showcase more customer reviews and testimonials – video testimonials are especially powerful.

Create urgency: Phrases like "limited time offer" are marketing classics for a reason!

Retargeting with a twist: Offer an exclusive deal to people who visited your site but didn't complete a purchase.

Email power: Set up an abandoned cart email reminder, and offer exclusive deals to your email subscribers.

Finally, here are 6 ways to increase your Revenue Per Customer

Sell more: Incentivize customers to buy multiple items with quantity discounts or special offers for gifting.

Bundling: Create easy-to-purchase bundles of your products, just like a value meal at a fast-food restaurant.

Shipping and Handling: Sometimes, charging a small shipping fee or slightly raising your costs can increase revenue without hurting sales.

Subscription model: If it fits your business, recurring revenue from subscriptions can be a huge boost.

Retarget existing customers: They already love your product – encourage them to come back for more with targeted ads and offers.

And….Email for the win: Send special promotions and new product announcements directly to your existing customer email list.

These are just 15 ways to ignite growth – even a few of these optimizations will make a big difference. Imagine what you could achieve if you implemented all of them!

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, let's talk! Send me a DM or visit to book a personalized strategy session.


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