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Driving Sales Through Video Marketing: The Formula for Compelling, Profitable Scripts

Welcome to The Harvest Growth Podcast! In today's episode, we'll be diving into the impact of video marketing. Our host, Jon LaClare, will be sharing insights and strategies based on his extensive experience in video marketing. He discusses the power of video campaigns, drawing from his successful endeavors in various industries including consumer goods, household products and more. Jon provides a step-by-step outline for creating impactful video scripts, emphasizing the importance of market research, identifying customer needs, showcasing product demonstrations, building credibility, crafting compelling offers and effective calls to action. Join us as we explore the essential elements of a successful marketing strategy and learn from Jon's wealth of knowledge and expertise.


In today’s episode of the Harvest Growth Podcast, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of video marketing in growing your business

  • The value of market research

  • Necessary elements of a successful video script

  • Effective platforms for launching digital marketing campaigns

  • And much more!


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Prefer reading instead of listening? Read the full transcript here!

Jon LaClare [00:00:00]:

Whether you're launching a new product or growing a decades old service company, video marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in the hundreds of profitable video campaigns that we have produced since 2006. The look and feel of each video are different, but the science is the same. From my days working on the launch of Nabisco 100 calorie packs to working with Billy Maze in the early days of OxiClean to more recent successes in kids toys, nutritional supplements, $30 spill absorbents and $1000 lithium batteries, we have perfected a video script outline that has driven over $1 billion in sales in tv infomercials. All elements of this script are included in a single, one to two minute full story video and in digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and similar channels. The full story video is generally broken into several pieces and shown one at a time through several different interactions with the consumer over several visits to Facebook, Instagram and third party apps and websites, I recommend starting with a full story script that includes all of the elements in order to make sure everything is covered, and then you can break it into individual videos from there. The first step in scripting is market research to make sure your messaging is laser focused on what will compel your customer to purchase from you. I'll share our detailed market research process in a separate video. Start with your problem and solution.

Jon LaClare [00:01:26]:

What's the primary problem your product or service is solving, and how is your solution better than the competition? Next are the primary benefits. Focus on two to three impactful benefits that directly address customer needs. That's what will get them excited and starting to lean forward towards purchasing demonstrations one of the funnest parts of video production, Billy Mays was the king of demonstrations showcasing how a product works right before your eyes. So you are amazed and left maybe wondering how it works better than anything else. Look for your wow demonstration that will capture attention and be relatable, sometimes called a torture demo that leaves your audience thinking, my problem isn't that bad, but if it can fix that problem, it can definitely help me. Okay, so now your audience is leaning forward. They like what you're selling, but they're starting to question if it could really be true. You need to build credibility.

Jon LaClare [00:02:20]:

This can come in the form of testimonials, user generated content, scientific data or press links. Next, they're convinced. So it's time to build value through a compelling offer. Tv infomercials coined the term, but wait, there's more to keep adding more to the offer, thus making it irresistible. Sometimes being cheesy works, but premium looking videos can also share an offer that is compelling by simply sharing all of the features that are included with each purchase. Finally, your call to action. When you have a great product or service and you combine it with powerful messaging, your customers will clamor to buy from you. But don't make it that hard.

Jon LaClare [00:02:58]:

What do they do? As the next step in your marketing funnel, click a link below, visit your website. Follow you on Instagram. Once you've sold them, tell them where to go next and they will gladly join you there. Which reminds me, if you have found this video helpful and want to see more content like this, please leave a comment below, repost your connections or follow us on LinkedIn in close.


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