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10 Steps for a Successful Direct-Response TV Product Launch

Don't go it alone with your direct-response marketing.

Harvest Growth has produced some of the most successful infomercials over the years, but we help with so much more than just the video.

When you are launching your product via direct-response television ("DRTV"), there are several vendors you need to juggle and keep performing in order to make your entire campaign profitable. Harvest Growth has managed hundreds of successful DRTV campaigns over the past decade, and we can help you make sure that not only your video creative is as powerful as it can be, but also that your telemarketing scripting, website design, customer service setup and media buying strategies are optimized. You can have a perfect campaign in every other way, but if you misstep one of these crucial vendor relationships, your entire campaign can suffer.

We work with our clients to make sure they are working with the best vendors and that everyone is connected and moving in the same direction. That gives you the best chance at success with your DRTV launch.

Contact Harvest Growth today to learn how we can help your direct-response TV product launch go smoothly.


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