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What is UGC and Why Do Brands Need It?

What is UGC and Why Do Brands Need It?

User Generated Content is generally any photo or video content that is created by a customer who is using your product. It works much like a review or testimonial, and its primary purpose is to provide potential customers with social proof that the product is worth buying. When people see someone like them using a product and giving a personal recommendation, they are more likely to resonate with it and want to try it themselves. UGC is not professionally filmed and is usually filmed on an iPhone. This filming style gives the content a relatable and authentic feel. It has become an essential step in marketing campaigns as it’s proven to increase reach and conversions in a cost-effective way. Oftentimes, UGC comes in as tagged social media posts from loyal customers or fans of your product who will happily let you share their posts to your channels for free. Other times, you can ask content creators or influencers to create this content for a fee.

  • About 60% of consumers agree that UGC is the most authentic way brands can market themselves.

  • When including UGC content in your marketing plan, social media campaigns see 50% higher engagement, and email campaigns see 73% higher clickthrough rates.

  • 80% of e-commerce shoppers find UGC to be more influential in their purchasing decisions than other forms of marketing content.

What does UGC look like?

UGC is the direct opposite of professionally filmed ads and product videos, as your product customers are most likely not professional videographers or photographers.

Examples of UGC:

Is UGC right for your brand?

The final decision is up to you and your brand; however, if it were up to your Millenial and Gen Z customers, 72% of them say that real customer photos and videos are the content they most want to see on eCommerce sites. Furthermore, with the alarming 64% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials who said they’ve even left an eCommerce store without purchasing solely due to the site not including customer photos or reviews, we don’t think it's worth the risk to not include UGC in your marketing campaign.

How can Harvest Growth help?

We have helped many brands increase their reach to potential customers and increase conversions with UGC videos. Harvest Growth has experience working directly with content creators to provide authentic UGC-style content to your audience. We can help your brand implement this style of content into your marketing campaign, along with our professionally produced video ads. We have seen UGC perform especially well on organic social media platforms, and even go viral. We can include these in your paid social media ad campaign as well.

Contact us today to book a free strategy call.


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