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Slay The Dragon

With the flu hitting hard this season, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could keep your family safe from all the sicknesses and viruses that accompany this time of the year? Unfortunately, that’s not possible but all is not lost; there is hope.

Grab Your Sword and Shield

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Boost Power acts like armor, protecting the body against the colds and flus that weaken our immune system. Boost’s proprietary formula of Vitamin C and prebiotics was developed through scientific research to support a healthy immune system in a unique way, so your body can defend itself. And Boost Power is so easy to take; it comes in either a 2 fl. oz. shot bottle or as a powder that you can add to your water bottle. Keeping your immune system strong doesn’t get any easier than that. Check it out on

Slay The Dragon

Slay the Dragon with Boost Power

In January, the CDC reported that approximately 6-7 million people have contracted one of the influenza viruses this season* but before you reach for the bottle of Vitamin C in your cabinet, know that Boost Power is more than just Vitamin C. Boost contains a probiotic (Larch arabinogalactan) which stimulates the body’s own killer (NK) cells to fight viral and bacterial infections. These two ingredients work in synergy to support the protective activities of immune cells. It’s also an excellent source of dietary fiber!

So what’s stopping you from protecting your family? For a limited time, Boost Power is giving away free samples. Feel great and stay healthy this cold and flu season with Boost Power.

Check it out at



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