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Eddy Dimes — The Revolutionary Program That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Sports Betting

When we say we launch unique, one-of-a-kind products & services here at Harvest Growth, a service like Eddy Dimes is precisely what we mean.

The Eddy Dimes Betting System is a revolutionary approach to sports betting. Their betting system is the first one ever that incorporates dozens of expert picks and models, AI computer software simulations, and betting signals from over 40 sportsbooks.

And with that, we have one question for the sports betters out there... are you ready to make some serious money?

Eddy Dimes is currently offering limited pricing of $49 for the first month of services. You'll start getting picks within hours, can cancel anytime, and there are NO upcharges for "premium" or "whale" picks. The picks include NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF, Soccer, and more.

How Does The Eddy Dimes System Work?

Eddy Dimes is highly user-friendly and requires little effort on your end. You simply receive the picks by email and submit your bets online or at the sportsbook. As long as you have internet and a bankroll, you will be successful with the Eddy Dimes system. The Eddy Dimes betting system incorporates three different tools to discover the top picks. The software tracks millions of data points every day to identify the best winning picks.

The Eddy Dimes Three-Method System

First, they track the best handicappers’ picks in the country, only paying attention to those within the top 5% in verified winning percentage nationwide. Next, they utilize AI computer software to find games where a team will outperform the spread of sportsbooks. Finally, the system tracks over 40 different sportsbooks to identify specific betting signals, including...

  • Percentage Variance

  • Reverse Line Movements

  • “Against the Public” Opportunities.

These signals show unusual line movements or betting trends that signify other opportunities with a high value in the betting market. The only picks recommended to subscribers are picks that successfully pass all three methods. All of the picks are straight bet, which means the picks bet the spread, over/under, or money line. With Eddy Dimes, you always get premium picks.

Watch the Eddy Dimes made-for-TV commercial here, produced by Harvest Growth.

Are you interested in working with Harvest Growth to launch or grow your unique product or service like Eddy Dimes? Set up a free strategy call with Jon LaClare, Founder/CEO of Harvest Growth today!


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