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Our 9-step product launch formula for maximizing growth

1) Product Immersion:

We kick-off the process with a deep dive discussion where we get fully up to speed on every important detail of your product and your business goals. Our team then tests out the product (when available) to fully understand the consumer experience.

2) Industry Intensive Category & Competitive Review:

After launching hundreds of products over the past 10+ years, we are able to tap into our experience to gain insight on any best practices for your product. We then execute a category and competitive analysis to discover how to position your product best in front of your most sought after customers.

3) Consumer Insights:

This very crucial step in the process is where we often learn the most by going straight to consumers to ask questions that help us define each important piece of the marketing mix. This quantitative research is executed via a paid online survey to 100+ consumers of your likely target audience.

4) Offer Development:

We put together a campaign P&L and 2-year pro forma tailored to your product so there is a clear vision of financial growth and how to get there.

5) Messaging Mastery: By applying learnings from our preparation steps, we now get into creative development including the video script and/or story board, ad copy/headlines, and call to actions.

6) Video Production: Once the messaging is approved, our team produces à 30-60 second professional product video.

7) Launch Campaign: The initial phase of the campaign is now live and setup on Facebook, Instagram, and third party apps/websites with your end goal in mind to maximize growth towards that direction.

8) Optimize Campaign: This is where we get detailed. We will execute and monitor 5-10

phases of paid Facebook/Instagram campaigns while continuously applying adjustments in order to further perfect the target audience, ad copy. placement, and any other levers that positively impact results.

9) Harvest Growth: Develop a roll-out strategy aimed at accomplishing your business goals including one or more of the following most common paths:

  • Grow Online Revenues

  • National TV

  • Retail


  • License Deal

  • International Distribution


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