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Swing Batter, Batter Swing!

If you have a child in sports then you know how expensive it is, and in some cases, you might find yourself taking out a 2nd on your house.  Yet we fork out the money time and time again because our kiddos learn so much from playing a sport.  They learn teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, and hard work.  They learn as much from losing as they do from winning. The lessons they learn are priceless and we love watching them grow and mature.

Baseball has been called America’s Pastime.  The crack of the bat.  Homeruns. The fans in the stadium.  9 innings of sunshine, hot dogs, and good old-fashioned fun.  Add to that the pride that comes from watching your child out on the field!

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Powerchute Baseball/Softball Trainer

But to help your kiddo become a successful baseball player it takes money, private lessons, hitting coaches, summer camps, and so on.  But what if it didn’t have to be that hard?  What if they could replace all of those activities with just one training tool? Could it really be that easy?

Powerchute Sports®.

We want to brag for a minute or two about one of our clients, Powerchute Sports®.  They are revolutionizing the way batters train to hit harder and farther by increasing their bat swing speed by at least 10 mph. The added bonus is that it’s an inexpensive ($159) yet powerful replacement for the costly lessons and trainers. 

Powerchute claims “EXPLOSIVE BAT SPEED, IN LESS THAN 60 SECS!”  Does it work?  Ask the hundreds of raving fans who have used it and they overwhelmingly say YES.  Teenagers and adults are flooding social media with videos of them using the Powerchute®.

So, you are asking, what is the Powerchute® exactly?  It’s an attachment that the player slips on his/her bat while training (yes, it’s for softball too). The wind resistance created by the chute ignites the fast twitch muscles in the arms giving the batter more speed and strength. It's also available on

See it for yourself!

You can also find it at

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