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AdSphere Reports Impressive Growth for DRTV Industry


As you can see from the video, direct response marketing has evolved immensely over the past few decades. However, in this digital day and age, is DRTV advertising slowing down or still growing?

DRMetrix, the industry’s leading television research company, just released a study that reveals the size of direct response television (DRTV) industry to be many times larger than previously thought.

"A new AdSphere Report for 2016 proves the direct response television industry is many times larger than previously thought. AdSphere detected over 89,000 infomercial airings, and an astonishing 7.92 million DR spots of varying creative lengths up to five minutes in duration all of which contributed to the study."

Click HERE to learn more and to visit the article.

Direct response marketing is what we call the "Marketer's Dream". Why? Because you are able to allocate - to the penny - your return on advertising spend. You are able to answer the question to "What's working and what isn't?". We see brands spend millions of dollars on advertising efforts, but not have the ability to hold those dollars accountable for any of the profit received from those efforts. Sure, you can make assumptions on promotional lift, baseline growth, and such. But for new products entering the market, you simply cannot afford the luxury of not understanding how each advertising penny spent performs.

In order to scale a DRTV campaign, an advertiser’s creative and media execution needs to be optimized at the highest level. Further, the campaign has to resonate with consumers in order to deliver an ROI to the advertiser sufficient to scale the size of the overall campaign.

At Harvest Growth, we have been doing this very thing for over 10 years.

Want to learn more if your product would be a good fit for DRTV? Click HERE to schedule a 15 or 30 minute phone appointment directly with Harvest Growth Owner and CEO, Jon LaClare.

Not feeling social? You can learn more by clicking here to watch a video of Jon LaClare, CEO/Founder of Harvest Growth, explain in more detail.


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