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Get Your Product Into Retail Stores

How would you like to learn how to get your product into retail stores?  Or, if you already have some distribution, this interview will help you understand how to grow into even more stores, and how to do so profitably.

In this episode, Jon LaClare interviews Bill Feaster, Regional Sales Director for NSM (National Sales & Marketing), a premier master retail broker that works with new and existing companies to improve their retail sales.  In less than 40 minutes, Bill teaches you how to prepare for retail so that when you do launch into stores, you’ll be able to do so profitably.

Check out this interview to learn:

  • The 6-step process to get into retail the right way, so you STAY there.

  • How to stay cash positive even during the early days of retail.

  • How to capitalize on the changes that the retail industry is going through.

Listing your product into major retailers is just one element of a successful retail launch.  Before that ever happens, ensure your success by developing a detailed financial plan, marketing plan and sales plan.

There are many ways to listen to this podcast:

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To learn more about Bill’s company, visit their website:   If you’d like for Bill to send you a FREE Retail Financial Forecaster tool, send him a direct email at  Or we are happy to connect you if you’d like to reach out to us at  


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