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Harvest Growth is a product launch and infomercial marketing company that has helped clients turn their products into household names since 2007. We believe in the power and effectiveness of infomercial marketing. When you think of the word “infomercial,” you may think of a 1990’s 30-minute commercials with Ron Popeil or Richard Simmons. But we’ve elevated infomercial marketing into something that is modernized and highly profitable to this day.




Did you know that the word “infomercial” is a combination of the words “information” and “commercial?” An infomercial is a commercial with the goal of educating the viewer about a product/service via television. With that, the infomercial format is now also highly effective on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There are no limitations when it comes to the types of products or services that work well with the infomercial format. When done correctly, infomercials are highly effective for an endless range of products and services, from skincare products to insulation services.


Nowadays, practices in infomercial marketing apply to both TV marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. Not sure what infomercial strategy is right for you? Read our informative guides on TV marketingFacebook/Instagram marketing, and Youtube marketing. Then, set up a free strategy call with a Product Launch Expert today!

How To Choose The Right Infomercial Producer Today 


The infomercial structure is not just limited to 30-minute programs on television. Now, the infomercial structure is used in varying lengths on national television AND on social media. 


In many ways, digital marketing is becoming more and more like TV advertising. You lose a lot of the data on TV that is so readily available on digital platforms, but you can still be very profitable if managed well. Branded TV advertising can be like flushing money down an endless pit, but DRTV (“Direct Response Television,” or “Infomercials”) has always been results-based. DRTV within infomercial companies is still very profitable despite the lack of data available in comparison to current digital advertising strategies. 


We have had dozens of successful direct-response digital campaigns using a similar approach that we have used on TV for decades. Even with new changes coming each day, we’ve been marketing on TV profitably for decades. Some digital platforms limit the data they make available. Our DRTV marketing experience has proven invaluable as we help our clients navigate these new digital marketing waters. In fact, Harvest Growth now generates about 50% of our business from digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Not only are they great places to test and optimize before launching a TV campaign, but they are also wonderful platforms for sales in their own rights.


Want to read all about the changes coming for digital advertising? Check out our blog post, Digital Advertising Is Now More Like TV Advertising.


What is Direct Response advertising? Direct-Response is a form of marketing within infomercial companies and direct response agencies that is highly effective and profitable for all types of businesses. Within DRTV, the advertising tells a compelling story and includes a

call-to-action. Results are trackable down to every dollar, unlike brand advertising. Here at Harvest Growth, we aim to be the future of DRTV. 

DRTV marketing pays for itself by tracking every media dollar and ensuring $2, $3, or $10 is earned for every $1 spent on media (This “revenue divided by media spend” metric is defined as Media Efficiency Ratio, MER, or Return On Ad Spend, ROAS). With Direct-Response Marketing, small businesses can increase because their advertising ends up paying for itself. This profitable infomercial strategy (DRTV) works on national television or digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. All that to say, DRTV is not limited to just TV anymore!


Since the early 1980s, direct response advertising has been extremely profitable. How? The industry utilizes a system that markets products and services directly to consumers. The industry does this with very little data on the consumer’s habits, likes, and dislikes. With that, consumers still visit the product website or call the 1-800 number. Yes, people still order products over the phone!


There’s a disconnect between when the DRTV spot (“infomercial”) gets viewed on TV and when the consumer places the order. There are ways to attribute sales to specific TV airings different from Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. These strategies can help your business grow in the coming year.


All that to say, new digital platform restrictions make digital marketing tactics increasingly similar to TV advertising. Luckily, if you do TV advertising the right way, it can be extremely profitable. Along with that, digital advertising will continue to work in conjunction with TV marketing for anyone that correctly adjusts their strategies.


The advertising industry is constantly changing. And, we are not afraid of change here at Harvest Growth as a direct response agency! Let us use our skills and experience with direct-response marketing to propel your business forward.


In the smallest amount of words, our process revolves around “test, then scale.” In other words, let’s talk about our Perfect Launch Sequence! First, we begin with launch preparation. This includes market research, competitive analysis, and discovery sessions. After that, we set up a marketing strategy that will bring awareness, engagement, and community to your product/service. This can come in many forms — from a national TV campaign to Facebook Ad spend.. or both! From there, we work to convert the awareness and engagement to sales. Along with that, we continue to grow your business with testing, tweaking, and optimization as you scale up your media spend. We work to consistently improve your profits as your sales grow and continue to find new ways of promoting your product/service. 

We utilize a combined approach — both in what we do and how we do it. A combination of Video + Digital Media will bring the highest ROI or “return on investment,” especially when coupled with ROI-based direct-response television media. Our unique combined approach refers to our in-house video production and editing team paired with our in-house digital media buyers. Because we all work so closely, we are committed to the process of testing, tweaking, and optimizing videos and digital media to make profitability as high as possible. Our work doesn’t end once the infomercial airs on national television for the first time or the first time your ad appears on Facebook. Instead, we continually work to ensure that your brand is represented in the most profitable way possible. 

10 Ways To 10X Your Perfect Launch


The incredible thing about infomercial production is that they create an instant connection with the customer. At the end of every infomercial, whether it’s a 15-second digital media format or a 30-minute national TV format, there will always be a call-to-action. Sometimes, the CTA comes in the form of a phone number in a TV spot that connects to a call center. Other times, the CTA comes in the form of a web address or a “learn more” or “try now” button in a Facebook Ad.


Simply put, a successful CTA provokes the viewer to act immediately. If the viewer doesn’t act immediately, the hope is that the infomercial was compelling enough to send them to your website, after which we can “retarget” them over the coming days and weeks. 

With infomercials with a CTA, the marketer is generally selling the product immediately, so you know whether or not your product is making money instantly. Suppose the numbers don't come back how you want them. In that case, you can adjust many variables and try again, each time incrementally spending until you hit the Media Efficiency Ratio (MER) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) you want. 

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