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At Harvest Growth, we believe you should find not only the best infomercial producer out there, but the best producer for your product so it has the best chance growing into the next billion dollar brand. Of course, we would love for you to consider us as your new potential partner in marketing your product.


However, instead of us telling you how great we are and why you should choose us, we'd like to equip you with the questions we beleive you should ask when seeking who to hire for your infomercial producer so you can decide who is best for you and your brand's future. 


Here are 9 questions you should ask your new potential partner in marketing your product, and if you get the right answers to these questions, you'll know you are in capable and experienced hands. Simply click each question below to view the preferred answer you should receive from your candidates.


  • Do you believe in my Product?
    No one will ever have the same level of passion for your product as you do, but you do want to make sure your marketing partners are excited about your product so they are always looking for creative ways to market it. They should wake up in the morning thinking about your product. When they hear a funny story from their kids at breakfast, it should prompt ideas that will make your video more compelling. When you capture their excitement, you capture their creativity. There are many good infomercial producers to choose from, but the one that will be the best choice for you will be the one with the most passion for your product.
  • What successes have you had?
    Everyone learns from failures, but you want to make sure your infomercial producer also has some home run successes to prove they know how to turn a product into a household name.
  • Who will be developing the creative?
    There are a few top infomercial producers that have had years of success but now they pass the primary creative efforts to their less-experienced underlings. There is often a bait-and-switch where you first speak with the production company’s owner, and you are then passed on to a younger account rep to manage your video production. Ultimately, you are paying for the experience and involvement of the founder. Don’t settle for their limited and distant involvement in your campaign.
  • Do you do other Types Of Video Production?
    You do NOT want to work with a dabbler! Anyone can produce a video…especially in this day and age. Heck, your neighbor’s pimply-faced teenager with an iPhone can produce a pretty high quality video. But there’s so much more that goes into making an infomercial SUCCESSFUL. It takes thousands of hours of focus to understand what makes an infomercial work, and how to make sure your infomercial is effective. Being pretty isn’t enough. Your infomercial needs to be finely crafted by a master. If you work with someone that dabbles in infomercials, you may get a pretty infomercial that just doesn’t sell. This is a very unique industry, and only a producer that focuses all of his or her efforts on DRTV marketing will know the nuances that make campaigns successful. Additionally, you will want to ensure your production partner has ample experience working wtih entrepreneurial ventures. Some of the old-school producers do 80% to 90% of their productions for a handful of marketing companies because they give them continued and stable business. Yes, that makes the infomercial producer’s life much easier, but managing entrepreneurial clients is very different from working with a client that launches 50 to 100 products a year. Your company may not be small, but if you don’t have the experience in the DRTV industry, you want to work with a vendor that is used to some level of handholding to walk you through the entire launch process.
  • What should my main offer be?
    Sometimes a simple offer change can double your results. DOUBLE them! Put your best foot forward in your first test so you start out with the right offer and have the best chance at succeeding.
  • What should my backend offer look like?
    Did you know that a $19.99 main offer generally delivers an average order value of $40 to $50? Choosing the right upsell strategy for your campaign can help you to maximize your average order value, and can double your total revenues or more. Your infomercial producer shouldn’t be done with his or her efforts when the video is done. There is so much more that goes into the success of your campaign.
  • What third-party vendors should I work with?
    Your infomercial or DRTV spot is just one component in the success of your product launch. Even if you have the perfect product and the perfect video, you also need to have the other parts of your campaign working. Fulfillment warehouses, call centers, website developers, customer service and media buyers…make the wrong choice on any one of these vendors, and your home run product can turn into a disaster. And you may not even know why it failed. A well-connected infomercial producer will know what vendors to work with and can help you set up with each of them to make sure all the cogs in the wheel of your product launch are working together towards your success.
  • How Involved Are You After Spot Delivery?
    Did you know that P90X, now a $500MM+ per year business empire was a failure when it first went on TV? What if the marketer or the infomercial producer had given up and moved on to the next product? We’d all like for every product to be an instant home run, but it sometimes takes some massaging to turn a dud into a home run. Part of it comes back to the passion that your producer needs to have for you and for your product so they want to stay with you and work on improvements rather than quickly moving to the next client. And another major factor is experience. If your producer has turned around other product launches, then they will know some of the levers that can be pulled to help make your product successful as well.
  • Can you help me get into retail?
    For every 1 unit sold on TV in a successful DRTV roll-out, 8 to 10 units are sold in retail. If you don’t already have the necessary retail connections, a good infomercial producer will have the connections you’ll need to make sure you make the most of your product launch.


At Harvest Growth, we have managed over 1 BILLION dollars worth of products since first opening our doors in 2006. Since then, our team has learned exactly what pitfalls new product owners might encounter and which levers to pull to help make their products a marketing success. We have successfully launched over 200+ products through direct response television, online marketing, HSN/QVC segments, and national/international retail placements.  





There are alot of great video production companies out there to choose from, many of which provide similar quality work with varying prices. We believe beyond the quality of our production, there is great value in the additional advantages we offer.

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