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We know infomercials! And we know they are a highly effective marketing tool still used today! We’ve elevated infomercial marketing into something that is modernized and highly profitable.

Infomercial Video Production

From the start of our partnership, our team works tirelessly and strategically to launch or grow your business. Our team is budget-conscious, efficient, and knowledgeable. 
We are here to manage the entire process from start to finish.

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Once we have an understanding of your product/service, goals, and ideas, our team immediately begins to dive deep into market research and creative strategy before beginning the script writing. 



Once the script has been edited and approved by you, we handle all the production logisitics from booking talent and location, to providing industry-leading audio, lighting, and film crew. 

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Post Production

In post production, footage from the shoot will be professionally edited to make your infomercial ad amaze your audience and drive them to purchase. Your product will never look more appealing! We then launch and manage your campaign to help you succeed.

Our Work

We have successfully launched over 350+ products through direct response tv, online marketing, HSN/QVC segments, and national/international retail placements, and have managed over 2 BILLION dollars worth of products since first opening our doors in 2006.

Why Use Infomercial Marketing?

An infomercial is a commercial with the goal of educating the viewer about a product/service, traditionally via television. Additionally, the infomercial format is now also highly effective on digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There are no limitations when it comes to the types of products or services that work well with infomercial advertising. When done correctly, infomercials are highly effective for an endless range of products and services, from skincare products to insulation services.

Nowadays, practices in infomercial marketing apply to both

TV marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies!

Not sure what infomercial strategy is right for you?

Read our informative guides on TV marketingFacebook/Instagram marketing, and Youtube marketing.

There are also many things to consider when choosing the right infomercial production company and considering the right infomercial cost. 

Read about How To Choose The Right Infomercial Company Today 

Set up a free strategy call with an Infomercial

Marketing Expert today!

How much does an infomercial cost?

The cost of the infomercial will depend on many factors within pre-production, production, and post-production. So, let’s break it down.
Before writing the best infomercial script, we first have to delve fully into your product and its target market. Pre-production includes extensive market research, competitive analysis, and product immersion that combine to identify the ideal audience and the offer/messaging for your TV or digital marketing campaign...
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