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Urinal Salt Remover Doubled Amazon Sales
in 60 Days!


Urinal Salt Remover has had a successful run on Amazon since its launch in 2019. However, the company recognized the untapped potential to further increase their sales and wanted to explore new avenues. Aware of Amazon's allowance for product videos, they sought to leverage this opportunity to showcase their product in action.

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Initially, Urinal Salt Remover relied solely on static product images on their Amazon listing. Understanding the impact of visual demonstrations, they believed that a video showcasing their product's functionality could significantly enhance their sales. In pursuit of this objective, they approached Harvest Growth, seeking their expertise in creating an engaging and informative video.


Harvest Growth, leveraging their extensive experience and knowledge in infomercials, collaborated with Urinal Salt Remover to develop a compelling two-minute video. This video incorporated real-life demonstrations and animations to effectively communicate how the product works, capturing the attention of potential customers.

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Watch The Impactful Video


Following the addition of the video to their Amazon listing, Urinal Salt Remover experienced exceptional results. Within a mere 60 days, their sales more than doubled, demonstrating the efficacy of the video marketing strategy. By enhancing their Amazon presence with an engaging and informative video, Urinal Salt Remover successfully capitalized on the power of visual demonstrations, ultimately leading to substantial sales growth.


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