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Learn the Perfect Strategy
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Client Case Study

BEFORE Harvest Growth Perfect Launch:

  • National TV Launch - Returned $0.16 for each $1 spent

  • Paid Facebook Campaign - Returned $0.30 for each $1 spent

AFTER Harvest Growth Perfect Launch:

  • Identified different target audience, offer structure, AND creative messaging

  • Paid Facebook Campaign earned $18 for every $1 spent (with some weeks seeing even higher ROI during Holiday season!)

  • Organic impressions increased to 3X the amount of paid impressions

  • Successfully entered into additional mediums, further scaling financial growth including HSN, retail, international distribution, and DRTV.

Why Harvest Growth?

Since 2006, Harvest Growth has helped hundreds of clients use the same marketing launch platform that made OxiClean into a powerhouse brand. We have modernized our launch process as trends have evolved over the past 10 years into what we now call the Harvest Growth Perfect Launch™️.

After launching and managing over $2 billion dollars worth of products on social media, infomercials, HSN/QVC, and into national and international retail, Harvest Growth's leadership team has learned the pitfalls and the levers to pull to make your product a huge success.

When you work with Harvest Growth, you will have access to these resources and will have the confidence that you are working with the best of the best, not just for your video production, but for every facet of your product launch and/or marketing efforts. 




Here are some of the brands we have helped build:

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Perfect Launch - Harvest Growth_edited.png

We Create Household Names.
Is yours next?

Harvest Growth is a National, Full-Service Direct Response, Product Launch, and Video Marketing Agency. 

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