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ROI Soars For New Pelvic Floor Wellness Product Through Strategic Paid Social Media


Jana Danielson is the owner of a few businesses, including Lead Pilates and Metta District. Within those businesses, she works extensively in pelvic floor education. She created a pelvic floor wellness product, Cooch Ball, that aims to improve your pelvic floor function by using it in movements in exercises. We performed market research for this brand new pelvic floor wellness product. We also helped with messaging, social media, and paid ad campaigns to assist with the product’s launch.

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After the initial launch of a brand new pelvic floor wellness product, the client wanted to promote the product with strategic Facebook ads. She wanted to be confident that she was marketing to the ideal target audience with a compelling message. So, she needed to find somewhere to perform market research and jumpstart the social media campaign launch.


After the data-gathering stage that comes from market research, we worked together to dial in messaging and price points. Then, we launched a Facebook campaign. Along with that, we manage the organic social media presence for the wellness product, creating monthly content calendars for Instagram and Facebook.

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During the very first week, the ROI was 2.13. The following week, it went to 3.20. From there, the ROI climbed to 5.0. The Facebook ad campaign paired with the organic social media presence has established brand credibility and maintained sales throughout the last year.

"As a small business, we don’t have the luxury of having a big budget like other multinational corporations. Jon recognizes that, which is what drew me toward him and Harvest Growth!"—Jana Danielson, Founder/Creator


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