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Amazon Marketing

Amazon is a powerful seller's platform for almost any product. It is so widely known and trusted that it has become extremely valuable for product marketers in addition to marketing their own websites, especially for new products or brands that consumers are unfamiliar with. But with so many products on Amazon these days, how do you make a listing that stands out? What are things to avoid doing on Amazon? And how does Amazon advertising actually work?

Interested in FBA but not sure how to get started?

We help brands successfully sell their products on Amazon!

Harvest Growth has helped many clients quickly and profitably grow their Amazon sales. We help create videos and images that perform well on product listings, write enticing product description copy using the most effective keywords and scale your listing with effective advertisements. 

We research and use phrases from exact search, line up the product's main benefits with the correct graphics and help get your product listing ranked for the most valuable keywords.

This video we created doubled their Amazon sales!
Learn more about Amazon Advertising on
The Harvest Growth Podcast!
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