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Advanced High-Performance Rendering Engine (HPRE):Powerful high-performance rendering engine with ray tracing for exceptional photo-realistic appearance on mobile devices. Now, you can view your models with correct lighting, shadows, reflections, and other rendering effects in any viewing mode, regardless of the screen resolution, display device, or your operating system.Auto-Lock of Dynamic Parameters:Dynamic Parameters are the most important components for engineering drawings. You can use Dynamic Parameters in almost every part of your drawing, from the simplest arc to complex structural components. Now, when you use Dynamic Parameters, they will lock automatically when they change. So you don’t need to remember to “unlock” your parameters.Significant enhancements to Designed Quantity and Organizational Tools:You can set your drawing to automatically start at a Designed Quantity, or organize your drawings by layers, sequences, and blocks by using Organizational Tools. Plus, you can view the Organizational Settings for each drawing.Smart Entity Management:Many changes occur in a drawing over time. When you switch to a different drawing, your entities may disappear. Now, we’ve taken the time to simplify Entity Management. With Smart Entity Management, you can automatically manage your entities in a drawing when you move or copy them.Matching Entities:Searching for the entities in a drawing is a slow process. Now, we’ve made that process even more efficient. Just select a particular entity, choose Matching from the Object Type menu, and AutoCAD will look for matching entities.Scaling to the Pixel:Drawing a complex drawing that includes many parameters becomes challenging, especially when the original size of the drawing doesn’t meet your needs. Now, when you set the Scale of a drawing to Pixels, the drawing automatically scales to the pixel size. You can zoom to any level and still see the drawing size accurately.Effortless Registration and Dragging:Connecting drawings becomes more flexible, powerful, and intuitive with the new effortless registration. When you copy and paste objects, they automatically match up to each other. Plus, you can drag objects on the drawing canvas to move them.Effortless Undo/Redo and Improved Layer Management:The effortless undo and redo makes it even easier to undo or redo changes to your drawing 2be273e24d


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