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YouTube Infomercial Strategy

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Infomercial strategy comes in all shapes and sizes. It's not just 30-minute spots on TV anymore! Here at Harvest Growth, our unique strategy spans national TV, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Pinterest, and YouTube.

With YouTube, we employ a similar approach to Facebook and Instagram. With that said, YouTube is a unique entity in numerous ways. In a Digital Marketer course led by Tom Breeze, Founder & CEO of Viewability, he explains the difference between the audiences for Facebook ads and YouTube ads. While Facebook ads are generally viewed with a lowered attention span, in a more casual sense because of the scrolling nature of Facebook, YouTube ads are generally viewed with more intent and for longer periods of time.

YouTube targets specific audiences in a highly individual manner. With YouTube infomercial strategy, you can target people down to the niche video or the specific keywords that have to do with your product or service. Finding the right audience for your Youtube ads is an absolute necessity. When you put dollars toward advertising on YouTube, being able to hone in on a specific target audience has never been easier. You can create a personalized list of specific channels, videos, subjects, and more that would put your product or service in front of the eyes of your ideal customer.

Not only do you have the ability to build lookalike audiences from your most important customer data similar to Facebook/Instagram — you can do ad placements on specific videos that you know your target audience is watching. For example, if your product is a cool new acoustic guitar, you can place sponsored ads on highly viewed videos such as “Top 10 Acoustic Guitars That Don’t Suck.”

YouTube plays a major role in providing another consumer touchpoint that helps you obtain the conversion for warmer audiences. Additionally, YouTube has a strong place in bringing new, cold audiences into your funnel.

Another tool we use to tap into the cold audiences is the ability to tap into customers who are actively researching or planning for specific events. If your product is a new luggage brand, you can target consumers who have been researching European vacations and build ads that are relevant to that exact occasion… for example, “The Best Luggage For Traveling Through Europe!”

The beauty of all forms of digital marketing is the ability to grow your business and have profitable campaigns and the ability to get data that will evolve your strategies based on what’s working and what’s not working. You’ll soon be a pro at what audience responds to which creative style, what offers are the most enticing, and other important pieces of the marketing mix so that you can start cutting out what doesn’t work and doubling down on the sweet spots.


Check out the YouTube ad campaign we created for our educational division of Harvest Growth, Infomercial Marketer.

Are you interested in the YouTube infomercial strategy that’s taking 2021 by storm? YouTube is gearing up to be perhaps the most profitable social media in 2021. With that, our team works hard to help our clients take advantage of all the benefits of YouTube marketing. Set up a free consultation with Jon LaClare, our Founder/CEO today to learn more about how we can help launch or continue growing your business.


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