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Use TikTok To Help Launch Your Product To Success

The Age Of Influencers

Nowadays, utilizing influencers to help launch your product to success is a must. TikTok has taken over the social media sphere. Recommended products on TikTok’s by known influencers can be a complete game-changer for your business. When it comes to incorporating TikTok influencers into your marketing strategy, the most challenging part is finding influencers with an audience that matches your target audience or your product’s niche. Along with that, finding influencers in your area may be a factor.


Because of the endless stream of content creation on TikTok, it can feel difficult even to begin finding someone that would fit the parameters of promoting your unique product. InfluenceGrid is an excellent way to find the right influencer for your product. When you create an account with InfluenceGrid, you immediately access their database of over 125,000 influencers. When you have that database, you can find an influencer that fits your budget, campaign, and target audience. Depending on what you need, InfluenceGrid offers four different plan options: free, freelancer, team, and business.

Once you select the criteria you want to filter the influencer database, InfluenceGrid provides you with detailed information on each influencer to find the right one. On the database, you can create different lists and export them once your research is complete.

An example of a way to find an influencer for your product is to find one in your niche. If you have a weightlifting product, you can begin your search by finding the “top workout influencers.” Once you find someone you think would love to promote your product, you can use the InfluenceGrid email finder to contact them, where they have a database of thousands of influencers’ contact information.

Types Of TikTok Product Videos

When it comes to promoting products, there are three main types of common videos. The first one is a haul video. An influencer shares products that either they bought or had companies send to them in a haul video. They are usually very casually and highly effective at making the viewer want the products. Along with that, haul videos raise awareness and visibility for the product even if the viewer isn’t immediately convinced they’ll buy the product.

Here is an example of TikTok user @/oliviadejarnett posting a haul with numerous products.

Individual product reviews are perhaps the best way to turn cold traffic into purchasers almost immediately. On these, an influencer reviews a product in typically 30-seconds or less. They highlight the product along with all of the main features and benefits.

Here is an example of TikTok user, @/cherishandfavor highlighting an Amazon product lid that replaces Tupperware.

Amazon is taking over the world, and TikTok is no exception to that. TikTok’s that highlight 4-5 Amazon deals generally bring millions of views. Usually, the posts have a specific theme. With that, finding a way to incorporate your product with other related products helps for this tactic.

Here is an example of TikTok user, @/toponlinefinds highlighting “5 Bathroom Items You Didn’t Know You Needed.”

Create a TikTok Account For Your Business

Along with utilizing influencers on TikTok, making your business a personal account is always a great idea. To access analytics, change your account to “Pro.” Switching to “Pro” allows you to see analytics in three categories: overview, content, and followers.

When you make content for your account, be sure to stay in the know about the current trends, as they change frequently. One of the best ways to stay relevant on TikTok is to use viral sounds. With that, to know the viral sounds, you have to be scrolling through TikTok from time to time. It’s easy to spend hours there, so be careful!

Stay Relevant With Harvest Growth

At Harvest Growth, we are always in the know about the current trends surrounding digital marketing. Set up a free strategy call with us today if you are interested in having us help launch your one-of-a-kind product into a household name.


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