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Find the Truth with TruthFinder — Creative Testimonial Video Shoot

Here at Harvest Growth, we KNOW the value of a great testimonial and a compelling story. TruthFinder honed in on the importance of testimonials and stories for the video shoot we did with them this past month. Watch the commercials below, and then read more about this AMAZING service.

truthfinder video shoot creative testimonial

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Commercial #1

Commercial #2

Commercial #3

Whether you're using TruthFinder to continually keep yourself and your family safe or are using it as a comprehensive address book to find long-lost friends or classmates for a school reunion, the options are endless!

  • Do you want to perform a background check on yourself? Stay on top of things with TruthFinder.

  • Do you want to perform a background check on someone in your or your family's lives to be confident they are safe? Feel relief using TruthFinder.

  • Have you been tasked to organize a class reunion, but you have NO clue how to get everyone's contact information? Make your life easier with TruthFinder.

  • Are you concerned someone is using your social security number? Use TruthFinder's Dark Web Monitoring for Identity Protection.

Once you begin incorporating TruthFinder into your life, you'll ask yourself, "How have I not used this before?" Bring a whole new sense of security, leaving yourself and those around you empowered and protected with TruthFinder.

To try out TruthFinder services for yourself, head to


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