Top 40 Reasons To Choose Harvest Growth As Your Product Marketing Agency

Updated: Mar 8

Want to know the 40 reasons why you should choose Harvest Growth as your product marketing agency? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, after reading these reasons, you’ll want to set up a free strategy call with us today to start talking about how we can help you make your one-of-a-kind product a household name.

1. We make money when you make money.

The more successful your product is, the more we hope we will work together. We don’t really make money off of the initial work we do to launch your product. We make money once a product is successful and the campaign is ready to scale. In fact, we don’t take on every project that comes our way — only the ones we truly believe will be a home run.

2. Expert Script Writing

You’ll get a script that engages your viewers and motivates them to take action.

3. Every project starts with market research.

Consumer market research is employed in every new project as a core element of our creative development that helps us focus on the features, benefits, and communication strategies that will maximize your chances for success.

4. We will figure out your target audience and ideal customer.

We will determine your target customer demographic that is most likely to buy your product.

5. We produce good-looking videos and any video style.

From animation to lifestyle, to man-on-the-street, to hosted spots — we do it all! If you’ve seen it, we can make it. We will work with you to determine the right style for your brand.

6. We produce high-quality animation.

Animation can be a key feature in explaining how a product or service works. We provide the highest quality creative animation available.

7. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for excellence and success and if our clients do not feel that is what they are getting, they can cancel at any time!

8. We have a full production team.

Our full production team is focused on crafting the perfect representation of your product and brand. The full production team completes scriptwriting, illustration, animation, voice-over artists, on-camera talent, creative director, project manager, copywriter, video director, hair/make-up artist, and location!

9. We are backed by past client testimonials.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from our past clients on Clutch Reviews about how we can make your product a household name.

10. We serve as a strategic marketing partner.

We are so much more than just a marketing agency! Our entire team (including our CEO) is here to guide you on all aspects of your campaign to grow your business.

11. We create custom videos for each platform.

We include video variations so that you hit every consumer touchpoint along the way in the correct format including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, television, website, and retargeting videos!

12. We optimize for that “sweet spot” — test, then tweak.

We have algorithms in place for our online campaigns to make sure we find that sweet spot in terms of what message, audience, price, and placement gets our clients the highest ROI possible. Additionally, we have manual optimizations taking place daily to help maximize results.

13. We are USA-based in Colorado.

Avoid the high cost of video production in NY or LA by hiring a video team based in Colarod with national, big brand experience.

14. Responsive Communication

All of our clients have our full attention. In fact, we don’t accept new clients if our bandwidth is full to always ensure our clients receive effective and quick communication.

15. Dedicated Account Team

Our team of great people is collaborative, personable, entrepreneurial, and committed to our clients. You are not just another number in the hat and our team ALWAYS has your success in mind.

16. Full Transparency

You will have full access to all of the work we do for you and we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

17. Website Design

Our web designers are in-house and are very involved in your campaign. We use insights from hundreds of other campaigns to know what helps products like yours sell. Every website we build highlights your business in the best way possible and is built specifically for growing sales.

18. Website Optimization

After your website is live, the work is not done there! A high-converting website is a key to a successful campaign. We continue to tweak and adjust your website so that it is geared to convert at the highest rate possible.

19. Product Photography

Our professional product photographer will capture your product beautifully! We include product photography for all of the necessary placements of your campaign including website, Amazon, Facebook, and more!

20. 300+ Campaigns Launched

We have experience that can’t be duplicated from companies such as OxiClean that gives us the vision to help your campaign grow.

21. 5X Industry Success Rate

We outperform essentially everyone out there trying to be like us! Our success stats are 5x the industry average because of our finely tuned Perfect Launch process. Plus, we know what’s working and what’s not working in the ever-changing world of product marketing.

22. Video Optimization

Because we edit each video in-house, we can change the video throughout the testing process to constantly improve results.

23. We are a direct-response television one-stop-shop!

We do EVERYTHING direct response marketing. From online, to National TV, to direct mail placements — you name it! Additionally, we set up and manage the best telemarketing, fulfillment, merchant accounts, and more! This is what sets us apart from other “competitors” as we guide you throughout the entire process to ensure flawless campaign launch and execution.

24. We wrote the book for Sell On TV.

Literally, we wrote it! Our founder and CEO, Jon LaClare is a well-known DRTV and “As Seen On TV” industry guru.

25. We always have an entrepreneurial focus.

We LOVE working with inventors and entrepreneurs of start-up companies. In fact, over half of our work is with start-ups.

26. We are trusted by big companies.

We have expertise working with big brands such as OxiClean, Gund, Bona, Nabisco, Telebrands, AllStar, and many more!

27. We’ve made $2B+ in combined product revenue.

We are passionate about creating household names. That’s why we have the highest success rate of new product launches in the industry. And, we have a proven, one-of-a-kind process that helps with that success rate!

28. We believe in results-based marketing.

Of course likes and followers are nice, but they don’t pay the bills. We strive to get you sales, and then the extra likes and followers are the icing on the cake!

29. Product Launch Consulting

Introducing a new product/brand into the marketplace is tough. Work with us to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls many new products face when brought to the market for the first time.

30. After-Launch Growth

Once your product becomes a huge success, we’ll help you continue growing from there! Whether it’s getting into retail, acquiring license deals, getting on QVC/HSN, or just maintaining strong growth via direct response, we will be your partners along the way.

31. It’s not about what you know…

We can help get your product into retail, obtain license details, and get on QVC/HSN. Along with that, we have a plethora of recommended third-party vendors that are the best in the business including manufacturing, package design, telemarketing, fulfillment, merchant banking, media buying, and more!

32. Small Company, Big Results

We’re not a huge agency that is just going to pass you along from person to person and let your product get lost in the shuffle. We can only take on a certain number of clients each year. We only take on the clients that we truly believe will be a HUGE success. Every one of our team members will be involved in the launch. Thus, we are essentially an extension of your team. We are always collaborating on how to make your product even more successful because we are all invested in your success.

33. Founder/CEO Involvement

Jon LaClare, the founder of Harvest Growth and marketer for dozens of products that have become household names, oversees every product launch that comes through our doors.

34. Experienced Team

We’ve got experts in video editing, video production, copywriting, marketing campaign management, project management, and more! The Harvest Growth team has extensive experience before their time with Harvest Growth and even deeper experience using our Perfect Launch product launch model with hundreds of Harvest Growth clients.

35. We are not just a video production company!

Yes, we have produced hundreds of videos that have resulted in billions of dollars in sales. But, at our core, we are a product launch firm through and through. We believe videos are the most powerful tool in marketing, but our focus is always 100% on the results (sales) for our clients.

36. We have an in-house digital media team.

We tested several of the big online media agencies for our clients in our early years, and we quickly discovered that they were not focused on ROI. Branding, likes, shares, and followers are great, but when launching a new product, you need sales first. We brought our digital ad buying in-house. Ever since we’ve had greater results for our clients than any competition we’re put up against.

37. Free Advertising

What do you mean by “free” advertising? Within a matter of weeks, you will get immediate insight into your consumer’s willingness to buy. Better yet, the return on your advertising investment can lead to actually making you money which results in no cost for advertising.

38. Profitability

Did you know that our founder was a licensed CPA before he became a product marketer? Pro Forma product launch financials are engrained in our process as a crucial step to make sure the numbers work before we launch a product.

39. We offer payment plan options.

We want to make the launch process as easy for you as possible. We offer custom payment options for our clients to best fit your needs.

40. Most importantly, we LOVE what we do.

We wouldn’t be doing this for over ten years if we didn’t absolutely love it! Each one of our team members is an entrepreneur. We are passionate about the work that we do and we always make sure to have fun doing it. Every time we make a client a millionaire, our team celebrates because we were part of the success.

Want our “Top 40 Reasons To Choose Harvest Growth” in a PowerPoint format? Wish granted.

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