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Ramp Up Holiday Sales - Deadline 10/31!

The holiday shopping season officially begins on Black Friday. For many products and businesses, this is the best time of the year to rack in sales. Additionally, it's crunch time to get Q4 numbers to make the 2018 year a profitable one-- or at least that is the hope!

Well folks, we are here to tell you why 10/31 should be a date that is on your calendar this year in order to boost your product's sales over the holidays. Why you ask?

Harvest Growth has developed a proven way to use paid social media marketing to maximize sales and boost profits. And the best part of it all, the upfront pricing is cost efficient and, once the campaign starts taking flight, you can potentially end up advertising for free! That's the goal that we put in place when putting together your campaign plus a few other goals-- Free advertising, double product sales, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Maybe you do have a plan in place for the holidays to boost sales, or even believe that a sales increase will happen naturally as consumers buying habits shift for the holiday season. That may be true and we understand that every business and it's marketing strategies vary. However, at Harvest Growth we don't like to rely on assumptions and always like to have a plan in place that is proven to drive results. Even if it's on top of another initiative you have going, let us help you supplement your current marketing with a platform aimed to maximize your product's chance at striking gold over the holidays.

So now to answer the question, why 10/31?

Well, if you are at all interested in taking advantage of our holiday social media package (and interested in potentially doubling your sales...), then we need to get the process started for you no later than 10/31 in order to have your product in front of your most sought-after customers by Black Friday.

Here is our package offering along with a standard timeline to help you answer why 10/31 is the cutoff date and further insight as to why this package offering is so valuable:

HOLIDAY SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE INCLUDES: - Market research - 30s-60s product video production

- Customized campaign strategy with continual optimization through length of campaign

- 4 weeks of paid social media ads

- Full campaign recap with performance, demographic insights, and next steps recommendation on how to scale your brand further

Week of 10/31: Market Research

Every product campaign we manage always goes through a qualitative (focus group) and quantitative (online survey) market research study. Every study is customized to the product so we can better understand from the consumer's perspective what matters most to them, what aspects they believe are the most intriguing about a product, and most importantly, what led them to buy. We also find that during this process we obtain some key learnings that we otherwise wouldn't have known that can improve a product's success that much more.

Week of 11/5: Product Video Production

We will produce a 30-60s video that highlights the strongest features and benefits of your product while applying learnings from market research in order to turn consumers into customers. We shoot the video in our studio and then our editor will put the finishing touches so that you have a good-lookin' spot that you can also use outside of the Facebook campaign.

Week of 11/12: Video, Copy, and Positioning Test Week

This week we get live on social media! However, while we always appreciate any sales that come through, our goal this week is more focused on what copy, headline, and target audience engages the strongest with your brand. We test and tweak different variations of the ad in order to pinpoint your product's perfect message and audience to maximize results.

Week of 11/19: Ramp Up Sales!

This week officially kicks off holiday shopping! By this time, we have a strong idea of your message and target so we kick the campaign into full gear. While we still may discover learnings throughout the campaign, we will always adjust pieces accordingly to optimize conversions.

We will continue to run and optimize this campaign until the week before Christmas. Once the campaign is over, we will send you a full campaign recap with performance, demographic insights, and recommendations of how we believe you should move forward in scaling your brand.

Of course, flight dates can be adjusted as requested along with any other mandatories you may have. Every product is different, which means every strategy behind each campaign we put together is customized to maximize the likelihood of success for your business, so let's work together to make sure you are getting the best Q4 your business has seen in history!

To inquire for more information or to book a Holiday Social Media Package click here to email us directly. Be sure to include any questions, product details, or other information in the body of the email and we will be in touch as you as quickly as we can.

Reminder, the deadline is 10/31!!!!

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have any particular topics you'd like to suggest for future posts? We would love to hear your comments!!


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