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Let’s Talk Harvest Growth Video Strategy!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

At Harvest Growth, we believe in a well-rounded approach to make your product marketing campaign as profitable as possible. With that, we also think creating a quality video for your product is THE most important thing. When you have a great video and buy digital media on social media or national television, you can create a platform that’ll bring profit to your business.

We utilize a combined approach — both in what we do and how we do it. A combination of Video + Digital Media will bring the highest ROI or “return on investment,” especially when coupled with ROI-based direct-response television media. Our combined approach refers to our in-house video production and editing team paired with our in-house digital media buyers. Because we all work so closely, we are committed to the process of testing, tweaking, and optimizing videos and digital media to make profitability as high as possible.

So, How Does Our Video Process Work?

First and foremost, our process begins with a full-length national video suitable for many mediums, including national TV, websites, social media, and more. Of course, the needs of each client varies. Some may opt for using just digital media to propel their business. Some may opt for using only national TV to drive their business. Others may do both… always at the timeline that makes them most comfortable throughout the entire process.

Our full-length videos are generally 1-3 minute infomercials. Along with that, we also are highly experienced in creating the classic 30-minute infomercials. After a kick-off call with the client, extensive market research, competitive discovery, and scripting, we film the video in-house with a full production team.

In terms of pre-production, production, AND post-production, we handle everything… always with your vision in mind. For scripting, we make it a collaborative approach. We combine our knowledge of DRTV and digital marketing and your expertise about your product to create a powerful script. We will handle the script-writing, but we’ll collaborate with you until you love it. The best videos are a combination of scripts that drive response with a creative vision that fits our clients’ vision for their brands. For video production, we handle location, talent, crew equipment, and all post-production editing!

The Effective Infomercial

This “full-length” video will tell the whole story of the product. It will include all of the features and benefits. It will discuss the unique problem that the product is solving. It will reveal how the product solves this problem. We ALWAYS want our clients overjoyed with the video, so we consult the client through every step of the process to ensure their vision comes to life.

Check out the national television commercial of our highly successful client, Gund, below.

After An Amazing ROI-Boosting Video Is Done…

The video-creation process is still not over! From our full-length DRTV infomercial, we create several videos specifically for digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and more.

From the commercial, we create several mobile-first videos. Mobile-first videos are videos that are designed specifically for the mobile interface. Consumers view 80-90% of digital media on their phones with their sound off.

These videos are designed to be compelling with no sound but are even more impressive when they choose to listen with sound. They are generally 15-seconds or shorter with a grabber, memorable brand imagery, and a clear call-to-action. We always frame the videos for each platform, as every digital media interface is different. In general, our team creates 4+ IG-specific videos and 4+ FB-specific videos, plus videos for YouTube and other platforms, depending on the product or service category and overall client goals.

Check out a video made specifically for Facebook for our client, Campmaid.

Let’s Talk!

Along with everything we’ve discussed in this blog post, there is so much more that goes into each client’s journey toward brand awareness and profitability. If you have any questions about our process, please feel free to reach out to us.

Are you interested in having Harvest Growth launch your one-of-a-kind product into a household name? Set up a free strategy call with a product marketing expert at Harvest Growth today!


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