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How Mentors Can Help You Succeed

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

In this fascinating 45-minute interview, you’ll learn among other things how to use mentors to help you succeed.  Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, mentors can help you get to the next level by avoiding common mistakes and taking advantage of proven strategies that have worked for them.  Dan has personally mentored THOUSANDS of people over the years (including Jon LaClare!), and he believes that one of the key reasons for his success is that he still uses mentors himself.  He’s very personable and knowledgeable.  

Dan also shares the two biggest mistakes that almost all inventors and entrepreneurs make, so be sure to listen and make sure you avoid these possible missteps.  You’re sure to love this interview.

Dan Valdez, President of GUI Global Products, has an incredible track record of successfully launching and running entrepreneurial businesses.  He first learned from his father that was an entrepreneur in Austin, TX, and has since benefitted from the advice of dozens of other mentors.  

In 1985, he launched Stationery and Furnishings, Inc., and sold the company to Corporate Express (now Staples) in 1996.  

Dan is also a founding stakeholder of the University of Houston Center for Entrepreneurship, which is voted the #1 school for undergraduate entrepreneurial studies in the U.S.A.  Dan is also an active advisor to the University of Houston Small Business Development Center.  

Most recently, and for the past several years, Dan has been running GUI Global Products, Inc., makers of the GWEE GYM, GWEE Cleaning Products and the Dry See medical device.  Jon LaClare and Harvest Growth have been working with Dan for several years to help with their marketing efforts on national TV, digital media, and HSN.

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