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Get the "Shark Tank" Benefits, Without Being on the Show!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022


One of the most common phrases our team members hear from others when discussing what we do here at Harvest Growth is, "Your job sounds just like Shark Tank!". In many ways, that statement is true with the exception that we are not on national TV, our clients' product pitches are more like casual (and kind) conversations, and we are not well-known billionaire tycoons (yet....).

Shark Tank is a great way for inventors and entrepreneurs to showcase their products on national TV in front of millions of people. The critically-acclaimed reality show has reinvigorated entrepreneurship in America and has become a culturally defining series. Perhaps some of you have even considered submitting your product to be on the show (if you are brave enough to face "Mr. Wonderful" that is!).

We have put together some great "Shark Tank" themed content that will speak to any inventor, entrepreneur or product marketer in this week's blog video -- even if you aren't familiar or a fan of the show!

In the video above, Jon talks about why Shark Tank is beneficial (including some of our very own clients that aired on the show and their story!), how you can obtain those same benefits without being on the show, and lastly how you can submit your product to the Harvest Growth team for review and provide feedback just like Sharks themselves would do (but nicer of course!). Now that's a deal we don't think anyone should say, "I'M OUT!" to!


What are your thoughts on this blog post? Do you have any topics you wish we would touch on in one of our future blog posts? We would love to hear your comments!!


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