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3 Tips to Make Your Marketing Video Stand Out and Go Viral

Everybody wants to go viral. And viral videos can bring in mass amounts of attention and sales for your product or service. But how do you stand out in a crowd already full of viral content? There are many tips and tricks, such as following trends, using trendy sounds or posting at certain times, etc., but we’re going to go a little deeper into what type of content the video actually contains that makes it so shareable. In addition, since we’re a marketing agency with the top goal of increasing your sales, we’ll also share how this viral content can put more return on investment into your product or service marketing campaign.

  1. Emotional Connection

Create an emotional connection with your audience by telling a story or sharing a testimonial. When your audience can connect with you on a personal level or resonate with the results a customer shares, they will be more likely to engage in your content by liking, saving, or sharing your video or even visiting your website and making a purchase! Some viewers may feel apt to share a part of their own story in your comments or send it to a friend they know who goes through the same struggle.

Following up this content with real customer reviews on your website, or a call to action for them to learn more about how your product or service can benefit them will be the golden ticket to converting those eyeballs into dollars.

  1. Entertainment

Make your video funny or provide entertainment to stand out and be memorable. Viewers love to share with friends content that makes them laugh. They are also more likely to watch your video again and again or save it to watch again later, increasing engagement, total play time and average watch time. This will tell the algorithm that your content is valuable and will push it to more people organically. Providing entertainment can also increase your follow rate, as your ideal customers will be eager to see what you post next.

Follow up these videos with an educational video about the benefits of your product or service to convert these views into sales.

  1. Free Value

When you provide your audience with valuable content for free, they will believe that your paid product or service will offer them even more value (which it should!). This information can be something that is not directly related to your product. For example, if you’re selling lip gloss, you can make a marketing video about how to keep your lips looking and feeling soft in the winter. Step 4 or 3 will be applying your lip gloss which lasts 12 hours. They’re receiving helpful free content on how to treat their dry lips in the winter while you’re able to market your brand in the same take.

Another example would be selling gratitude journals. You can create a video about a morning routine that helps to ground yourself and be focused in the moment. One part of the morning routine is writing in your gratitude journal.

Follow up this type of content with an irresistible call to action, such as an offer for free shipping, a free webinar, or a limited-time discount.

Ideally, your marketing videos should contain shareable content. When brainstorming your marketing strategy ask yourself these questions: Does this content resonate with your ideal audience? Is it providing value or entertainment? Is this a video people will want to share with others? If you can’t answer yes to at least one of these questions, it's time to go back to the drawing board and dig a little deeper into what you really want to offer your ideal customers and why they should be interested in your product or service over others. This will be how you’ll stand out from the sea of viral content on social media and gain more followers and more revenue!

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